What are the benefits of using an enterprise mobile app builder?

Enterprise Mobile App Builder

Enterprise Mobile App Builder

An enterprise mobile app is generally used by employees inside an organization, not the public — although there are some exceptions, such as an internal document portal that offers guest access to clients. An enterprise mobile app needs to have reliability, accessibility, and be as scalable as possible.

Today, many companies are looking for an enterprise mobile app builder so they can create apps for their companies, both online and offline. But most mobile app builder platforms create native mobile apps. Native mobile apps can be complicated; they usually need to be accepted into an app store for easier distribution and they are usually only able to be run on a single operating system, such as iOS or Android. An enterprise app builder also has to be optimized to be scalable on each platform.

The app builder that makes the most sense for enterprise use is Lumavate. Lumavate is the best app builder 2021 for Progressive Web Apps and the only no code solution for PWAs. With this enterprise app builder, companies can have uninterrupted connectivity to their enterprise apps both online and offline. This is because PWAs marry the benefits of web apps with the benefits of native apps.

Enterprise apps are important to build company productivity, to increase company culture, and to distribute information. Without the right enterprise apps, many companies find that their employees can't connect to the data and documentation they need — this is easy to see because the world is increasingly mobile and more employees today are working remotely or through flex-time.

An enterprise mobile app builder is the best solution for companies that want to be able to connect with employees. And it doesn't have to be difficult to develop. Lumavate makes the entire process of developing a mobile app take only a few minutes and apps can be customized at the organization's leisure.

How to Create an App Without Coding?

So, what's leading so many companies to look into how to create an app without coding? Companies today are looking into how to make an app for beginners because they want the freedom to create their own apps. This isn't just cost-related, although cost does matter, too.

Companies need the best app development software for beginners because they know that they need to be able to develop and modify apps fast. Customer behavior is constantly changing. If companies aren't able to change with that customer behavior, they aren't able to capture the leads, commitments, and revenue they want to.

So, they need the best free app builder without coding. That means a low code or no code platform; a rapid development kit that makes it possible to create an app without any prior knowledge of how application building works.

With the right platform, companies are able to invest in internal development and have their marketing teams take the lead. Ultimately, that makes for application development that is far more responsive to customer needs, far more likely to get commitments, and far more likely to improve in retention and ROI.

Lumavate is a no code app development platform that specializes in Progressive Web Applications, also known as PWAs. These PWAs are the perfect enterprise mobile app, as they can be used online and offline, create a great user experience, and can even take advantage of native mobile features.

App Building Software

Before you commit to app building software, you need to properly explore the options available. You can create native apps, web apps, or Progressive Web Apps, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Native apps are what people most often think about when they think about an "app." They are usually native to either iOS or Android. And that's a problem because you have to develop for one platform or another. But because it lives on the user's device, it's usually referred to a web app. A web app doesn't have to be downloaded but can't be used offline.

Then there's Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. PWAs can be used offline, can utilize some of the advantages of native mobile applications, but are still web apps fundamentally. They combine the best of both the web and native apps. Lumavate focuses on PWAs because of the number of brands that are embracing PWA architecture. And as they grow in popularity, they are also getting more features.

When looking at app building software, there's solutions like AppyPie. But this app making software is low code, not no code like Lumavate. Android app development software also provides rapid development, but even open source mobile app development software is designed specifically for developers. Most marketers want some type of software application development that's both rapid and low code or no code.

Who Offers Free App Development Software?

Free app development software really comes in two categories and it's something you should think about. There are entirely free software application development suites some of which are open source. Like you can find an app creator software free download. But these are usually designed for programmers and often they don't have a lot of special features.

The best free app development software often starts as a free app building software trial or has a free web app builder free app builder tier of service. But there are premium functions available.

When app development software has some "premium" functions or paid tiers, they're more likely to have advanced features and functionality, as well as better customer service and support. Lumavate is the best free app builder for no code Progressive Web Apps. It's also the best free app builder 2021 made specifically for marketers. With Lumavate, you can pay for more if you need more. But you can also develop an app completely free.

What's holding you back? You can get started with Lumavate right now to see what it can do for you.

How to Create an App

How to create an app will vary depending on the type of app you're creating. Let's take a look at how to create an app for Android or how to create an app for iPhone first. If you want to know how to create an app from scratch on a native platform, you usually first look to an SDK, such as the Android SDK, or the iPhone SDK. This is a development kit that provides you with what you need to start coding.

But then you need to know how to program. Usually, it's Java, JavaScript, React JS, or C#. You will use the dev kit, but you'll need to know the ins and outs of mobile app programming to get started.

On the other hand, there's how to create a mobile app with a low code platform or even no code platform. With Lumavate, if you want to know how to create an app for iPhone free, you just select a Starter Kit, customize it to your business, and launch it. Because Lumavate deploys PWAs, they can be used on any platform. Whether you're on iOS or Android, the exact same app is used.


Appian is another low code app builder. The Appian app is robust, the Appian app market is strong, and the Appian community is active. The problem with Appian is that it's a low code (not no code) system that's still developed for those who have some programming knowledge. Developers are able to create and market their apps swiftly — but it is going to require some coding.

Lumavate, on the other hand, doesn't require any programming knowledge. With Lumavate, you can select a Starter Kit and then add Components. You can get an app working within minutes. Some of the Starter Kits include internal documentation kits, help desk ticketing systems, and product registrations. There are also return to work apps, wayfinding apps, and virtual event apps; it's everything that a company or enterprise might need for its app development and design.

Best Free No Code App Builder

So, what's the best free no code app builder? Well, Lumavate is the only no code app builder, period, for Progressive Web Apps. There aren't any other no code platforms for PWAs. If you look up no code app builder reviews, you'll find that Lumavate is a top option. And when people search for "no code app builder Reddit," they're usually looking for the best way to create a web app. That's Lumavate.

For marketers, it makes more sense to use a no code app platform. A no code app platform makes it possible for marketers to modify their apps on their own. They don't need to rely on an external or even internal development team. With consumer behavior changing, marketers have to be able to adjust quickly. This also means that marketers are able to conduct their own split-testing.

Lumavate is a no code app building solution that's targeted toward marketers. Lumavate has everything that a company needs, from starter kits to the open source Ionic Compounds. Start a free account on Lumavate today.

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