How to Create a Product Registration Process that Actually Works


Going Beyond the Card

Ok, it might be time to admit it: you’ve likely bought an appliance or consumer good that you didn’t register. We’ll own up! We’ve definitely been there, whether it was because we lost the card in the pile of warranty pamphlets and product manuals, or just because we simply didn’t see the value. So how can we expect our product registration rates to skyrocket if we’re not creating a process that we ourselves would complete?

For as much time as we spend on making sure our customer’s purchase experience is easy and seamless, the onboarding process is far from it. Product registration rates consistently hover around 20 percent1 which means brands are missing out on capturing valuable data and providing a stellar onboarding experience for those other 80 percent. That’s why we’ve put together some stats and tips to help your brand create a stellar customer experience that drives increased product registrations and creates brand advocates from day one!

Simplify the Process

Today’s customers are busier than ever, and more than 80 percent of buyers say that the number one reason for not completing their registration is because it was too long. Here are a few quick tips on how you can pare down the registration process:

  1. Make it Mobile

    Your customers are constantly on their phones, so give them the option to complete their registration on their mobile device.

  2. Try Progressive Profiling

    Only ask your customer for the information that you need from them in that moment–think: name, purchase date, email, serial number–and worry about capturing the rest later in the customer journey. A study shows that cutting down form fields (even by just one!) yields a more than 50 percent increase in registration rates.

  3. Use Technology to Your Advantage

    Enable tools like Autofill and Single Sign-On (SSO) to help ease the process even more. A bonus: that allows them to create a buyer profile, too! Which will increase your chances of winning them back as a second-time buyer.

State the Value

More than 30 percent of customers said they didn’t register their products because they saw no benefit.4 Consumers might be wary that brands could misuse their data, send them unwanted emails, or provide their data to third parties.5 To combat this, clearly list the benefits of registration somewhere that the customer will see them–whether it’s on your registration card, on your product packaging, or on your website. Check out the examples of a few benefits:

  • Extra Time Added to Product Warranty 
  • Access to Product-specific Mobile App
  • Coupon for Accessories or Replacement Parts
  • Access to Maintenance and Upkeep Notifications
  • Bonus Rewards Points for Loyalty Program
  • Access to Set Up Content like Videos

Transition from Registration to Onboarding

Now that you’ve captured your customer’s information, it’s the perfect time to make sure their first moments with your product and brand are super compelling. Use this chance to create a value-add for your customers through simple access to FAQs, tutorials, product accessories, and customer service as a part of the product registration process. And, after you’ve set the standard within the first moments of your customer’s journey with your brand, it’s crucial to make sure you’re sharing helpful content and reminders every step of the way.

Product-specific Mobile App

Product-specific Mobile App

Product Reg phone

Post-registration Email Drip Campaign

Post-registration Email Drip Campaign

Product Reg email

Ability to Opt-in for SMS Notifications

Ability to Opt-in for SMS Notifications

Product Reg chat

Customer Newsletter

Customer Newsletter

Product Reg newsletter

Brands Getting it Right

Creating a frictionless product registration experience that begins and ends with a happy and loyal customer becomes a valuable resource for your brand. For your inspiration, here are a few brands that are already using these tips to drive higher registration rates.



  • Clearly states the benefits of registering your appliance
  • Has clearly defined opt-ins as part of the registration process
  • Shows how many steps the process will take with the status bar

kitchenaid new



  • Incentive to register “Register Your New Brewer to get 50 percent off Pods”
  • Adds value by asking you to “Discover Your Coffee Profile” to send recommended products based on taste
  • Adds value with quick reorder button

Product Reg keurig 2



  • Shows you the steps it’ll take you through to complete the registration with a graphic 
  • Uses SSO or complete brief form
  • Makes it clear why registering your new appliance is important
  • Offers a $2500 giveaway after registering

Product Reg ge 1

Accelerate Your Customer's Onboarding Experience

It’s time to create a customer onboarding process that you would actually participate in. After all, you’re an expert, since you yourself are a consumer! So, take a look at your product registration process as it stands, and consider these things:

  1. How much time would this process take me, from start to finish?
  2. How many steps are in this process?
  3. Would I know the value of registering my product before I complete this form?

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