Lumavate Offers Marketers the Ability to Customize Text-in Keywords to Mobile Messaging Programs

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 8, 2023

(Carmel, IND.) June 8, 2023 - One of the most pressing challenges marketers face in today’s world is standing out among the noise. 

The average consumer is exposed to anywhere between 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements in a single day. On platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn, increased social noise is taking away from marketers’ abilities to generate brand awareness and conversations with their customers. 

Text messaging offers marketers the ability to cut through the noise and engage in conversations with their customers directly on their phones. And because text messaging is an incredibly regulated channel, there’s a barrier to entry which means there are few brands using this channel allowing your brand to better stand out. 

Here are a few reasons why text messaging is a powerful tool: 

In today’s release, Lumavate gives marketers the ability to create text keywords that customers can text in to subscribe to a company’s text messaging program. This Text to Join functionality allows marketers to promote subscribing to their text messaging program via numerous other channels such as ads, emails, print, website, and more. 

“Text messaging is an incredible marketing channel,” said Lumavate CEO, Stephanie Cox. “ While there are numerous retailers using this channel, there are few manufacturers taking advantage of it. Text messaging is a critical component of every marketing strategy. Every brand needs to immediately start implementing text messaging into their marketing strategy..” 
This functionality also allows marketers to customize the confirmation message customers receive after opting-in and view key analytics for their messaging program.

Additionally, Lumavate has made several enhancements to Components within its design element library that further enable marketers to make dynamic digital experiences for their products. 

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