Tech Company Lumavate Raises $1.75 Million and is Positioned to Disrupt How Manufacturers Connect with Users

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by Stephanie Cox | Last Updated: Feb 1, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Lumavate (, a mobile content solution for manufacturers, announced their global product launch backed by 1.75M from leading software and industry executives, which include Aprimo Co-Founders, Bill Godfrey and Rob McLaughlin. The solution helps manufacturers solve some of their most complex challenges including: impacting pre and post sale revenue, improving customer experience and decreasing costs.

“There is a costly disconnect between manufacturers and users when there doesn’t need to be. Technology and specifically the adoption of mobile devices have completely changed the ways other verticals connect to their consumers and how they gain access to product information when and where they need it. - Paul McGrath, CEO of Lumavate

Lumavate’s Software as a Service (SaaS) technology makes it easy to connect industrial, commercial and household machines to model specific content during key moments when customers are seeking vital information around support, installation, parts, warranties and technical specification.

“The variety of relevant content that a manufacturer can manage through Lumavate is limitless. Providing the manufacturer a real-time captive way to reach customers pre and post sale can have a dramatic impact on customer experience and costs.” - Paul McGrath, CEO of Lumavate

Lumavate client, MobileDrill International, immediately realized the impact the solution could have on client experience. “We’re constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to customer satisfaction strategies. Lumavate is the first solution we’ve found that will truly personalize the machine for the user and serve as a resource for information at the exact time of need. “ – Tim Sabo, President of MobileDrill

About Lumavate:

Lumavate is transforming the way manufacturers deliver crucial product information to consumers when and where they need it the most. This allows manufacturers to increase revenue and decrease costs while delivering a superior customer experience.

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