Lumavate Supports Marketing Agencies with New Agency Partner Program to Generate Growth and Drive Value with Digital Experience Offerings

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by Erin Zwirn | Last Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Agency Partner Program Introduces Agencies to a New Way of Creating Digital Experiences Without Code or Developer Resources 

Lumavate, a SaaS company making it easy for everyone to create powerful digital experiences, has launched a new Agency Partner Program for small to mid-sized marketing agencies that want to expand digital experience services and help their clients with all aspects of digital transformation.Lumavate’s Agency Partner Program enables agencies to use the Lumavate Platform to create best-in-class digital experiences for their clients that do not require code or developer resources, empowering them to expand their service offerings and increase their revenue using their existing team. 

Increasingly, companies are seeking ways to engage with their audiences more effectively, and agencies have an opportunity to help them succeed in the digital age. But in today’s highly competitive agency landscape, developer talent is scarce, designing digital experiences is complex, clients’ expectations are high, and speed is critical. Lumavate’s  Digital Experience Platform (DXP) allows agencies to create engaging and personalized experiences. The DXP is purposefully designed to address these unique challenges that will offer agency partners:

“Agency growth is inherently tied to their talent, but traditionally, agencies can’t grow their business without hiring more people and can’t expand into other service offerings without hiring talent with specific skill sets,” said Stephanie Cox, CEO of Lumavate. “Lumavate makes it possible for agencies to expand their service offering and grow their revenue with their existing team. Our partner program enables agencies to seize the opportunity by  providing the tools and platform specifically designed to quickly create and deliver new digital experiences with their existing resources while boosting agency growth and return on investment.” 

For more information, visit Lumavate’s Agency Partner Program.  

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