The power to build an app without code is something that redefines marketing at its core.

Build App Without Code

How to Create a Mobile App

When you want to know how to create a mobile app, there is an abundance of options. The first choice is determining whether to build an app yourself or outsource the job. This is the classic build vs buy conundrum that frequently arises in technology decisions.

Creating your own app is not the mountainous challenge it once was. Mobile app builders can let someone with little experience develop an app from scratch without writing a single line of code. For iOS and Android apps, there are three builders that come to mind: Buildfire, Appy Pie and Lumavate.

Building Apps for iPhones vs. Android

There are two massive mobile markets in the world: iOS and Android. If you want the most reach from your app, you need to cater to both platforms. A common mistake made by novice app developers is to try and create a single app that is tweaked for either operating system. In reality, it’s often better to build entirely separate apps for each marketplace.

Knowing how to create an app for Android is fundamentally different from understanding how to create an app for the iPhone. While the app will have the same goals, the development process is entirely different. Creating an app with Swift (Apple’s proprietary language) requires less coding. Apple devices also come in a smaller variety.

Android development is more complicated, and as a result, it is also usually more expensive. The costs may drive you to look for an Android app maker software free download. While there is an obvious benefit to using a free Android app maker, it’s also worth considering investing in more powerful Android app development software. Here's a trade secret. You can get the powerful software for free too.

Build an App Without Code

As a marketer, you always have to think about the bottom line. You are already wondering how to create an app for free. Even with a free app, there are plenty of costs to consider in distributing the software and using it to market successfully.

With so much to consider, let’s make things easy. Lumavate is a no code app builder that lets you fully develop your app without being a professional computer scientist. It was designed specifically to empower marketers to make the tools they need to succeed. You can create new apps from scratch on one of the best free app builders available.

The power to build an app without code is something that redefines marketing at its core. You can directly reach and interact with every mobile device user on the planet.

Changing the Way You Think About Your Mobile Strategy

You’re here because you know you need to incorporate mobile apps into your mobile marketing strategy. What you need to know most is that Lumavate is designed exactly for you. You can learn how to create an app from scratch by using our Starter Kits.

Or, you can get up to your elbows in fully customizing your mobile app. The goal is to ensure you have to option to quickly learn how to create an app and make money. How far you go to build your own software without programming skills is entirely up to you.

Lumavate is the answer to how to make an app for beginners. We do the heavy lifting so you can apply your marketing mind to developing an app that meets your goals. You don’t have to keep searching for how to create an app for iPhone free.

When you browse our templates and libraries, you’ll see that learning how to develop an app for beginners only takes a matter of hours. The rest of your time is spent productively on your craft. You can even share in our motto. We’re convinced that every marketer can be an app developer, and you can show your colleagues how to create an app without coding.

The Power of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

As you get into the nuts and bolts of mobile software, you’re going to run into progressive web apps (PWA). The concept is pretty simple. A progressive web app works on virtually anything. It can function on a website or as a mobile download through an app store. By using common technologies, they get around proprietary limitations and formatting issues that might otherwise limit your audience.

Progressive web apps are so common that Google has incorporated them into Chrome OS. Taking advantage of these universal apps is pretty easy. All you need is Lumavate. It can replace your Android app creator APK. Since all Lumavate apps are delivered as PWAs, you can get around the need to natively develop separate Android and iOS apps.

Lumavate allows you to master your Android studio without coding, and it functions perfectly as an Android app maker software offline for PC. When you want universal solutions, it’s always best to find them in a single location.

Best No Code App Builder

You need the best no code app builder. Since Lumavate delivers apps through PWAs, it’s already a better option than native Android or iPhone app developers. With the robust library and Starter Kits, Lumavate makes it easy to create an Android app online without coding.

All of this comes back to outreach. You want every user to be able to access your app. You don’t want app store oversight to limit your options. Lumavate solves both of these problems at the same time. It also lets you create your Android app without coding offline, free.

You’re in a best of both worlds situation. While professional app developers are doing everything twice to cater to each primary mobile market, you’re able to create an Android app without coding offline. You’re saving time by using templates and kits. You’re also applying your unique knowledge and skills to your app in a way that software developers never could.

Lumavate is the best because it allows you to be your best. That’s the power in this software.

No Code Progressive Web App Builder

Ultimately, you’re looking for three things in your app builder. You want a no code mobile app builder. You also want a no code web app builder. Note the distinction. You need to be able to reach mobile app markets and web markets with the same app. At the same time, you want a free no code app builder.

When you’re still learning how to create an app without coding skills, you’re at the stage where you need Lumavate. It’s a trifecta. Lumavate is a no-code builder that builds progressive web apps. We have a library of tools that simplify development, instant publishing and powerful metric tracking.

If you want self-reliance, global outreach and the freedom to make the exact app you need, there’s only one place to get everything in a single package.

App Creation Made Simple With Starter Kits

Do you want to learn how to make a simple app? The easiest and most reliable way is with our Starter Kits. We’ve already done the coding. You need only pick the functions and forms that you want. The process makes app development into something like building with Legos. You don’t need to construct the pieces. You merely need to arrange them in the way that suits you.

The Starter Kits are your key to learning how to make a smartphone app. The sheer variety available when you start today forms the power of Lumavate. These are just some of the tools you can use:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content Distribution
  • Survey
  • Image Recognition
  • Internal Communications
  • VIP Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Internal Trade Show

These kits, combined with many others, give you a virtually unlimited set of options. You can fully customize your app, and you won’t be bogged down in syntax or algorithms for even a minute.

See Lumavate in Action

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