WTH is #MarketingTwitter?

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Does anyone else have a hard time keeping up with the latest trends? It seems like every day we wake up and there is a new TikTok dance everyone is doing, a new Instagram challenge, or a new Twitter hashtag trending. It is nearly impossible to stay on top of it all, and as marketers, we are kind of expected to. So if you totally missed the birth of #MarketingTwitter- that’s okay! I will give you a quick rundown of the who, what, when, where, and why you should care about it. Who I think we are all on the same page with who is on #MarketingTwitter… marketers! It is marketers across the world in different fields, industries companies, using the hashtag, #MarketingTwitter, to have conversations with each other, share ideas, and ask questions. It doesn’t matter if you work for a big or small company, are a content writer or in mobile marketing, have been in marketing for 20 years, or are just getting started. Even if you aren’t in marketing, but want to learn more about it or maybe start a career in the field, #MarketingTwitter is the place for you. What  So what really is the point of #MarketingTwitter? It is basically a place for marketers to have real, honest conversations about marketing with all different kinds of marketers. You might be thinking, there is already a place for that, LinkedIn. But let’s all be honest with each other, who feels like they can truly be real and unfiltered on LinkedIn? While it is a great platform to access industry trends and thought leadership, it is still a professional social network where most want to look their best. #MarketingTwitter is the opposite. It is a place where you can ask any marketing question, no matter how basic or complicated, and share the good, the bad, and the ugly of marketing. Whether it be about how to create a QR code for your mobile strategy, how to use SMS or advice on content. When  #MarketingTwitter really started to take off at the end of November, but if you are just now hearing about it that’s okay! In true social media fashion, #MarketingTwitter kind of appeared out of nowhere. The good thing is, the community is still in full swing so it is never too late to start striking up conversations. Where  This one is pretty easy so I won’t spend much time here. #MarketingTwitter is on… Twitter. Why So why should you care about this? Because #MarketingTwitter has opened up an entirely new community to marketers. A community where you can bounce ideas of marketers, where you can learn more, give advice on what to do or what not to do, improve your marketing strategy and so much more. Especially amongst this digital transformation where we learn about new software and technology every day, it is helpful to get a second opinion on things. Why spend the time trying out a million different new software for your tech stack when you easily ask thousands of marketers what works well for them. The opportunities here are endless, so if you haven’t seen what the world of #MarketingTwitter has to offer, I highly recommend looking into it.

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