Where is the Mobile Market Heading?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 9, 2021

On this blog, we love to talk about mobile marketing and how brands can leverage mobile to elevate their marketing strategy. We are going to switch it up a little today and instead of talking about specific mobile marketing strategies you should employ, we are going to talk about the mobile market as a whole. Mobile technology is relatively new, especially in marketing, and the mobile market is changing rapidly. So, let’s look at where the market is heading and what trends you should expect for the future. Artificial Intelligence It seems like artificial intelligence (AI) has officially penetrated every area of our life, whether you realize it or not. Almost all of our smartphones come installed with Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or some other version of a virtual assistant. You don’t even think twice about using them anymore, saying “Hey Alexa” to get a question answered has almost become second nature. Virtual assistants aren’t the only way AI has become prevalent in our lives. Many brands are also implementing voice recognition technology into their mobile apps to create a hands-free experience. Think about your messaging apps or the notes app you use, I bet you can press a button that lets you speak what you want to type instead of actually typing it. As the world continues to become more mobile-focused, AI is something we will start to see more and more of. Integrated Mobile Technology  Another popular trend in the mobile market is the desire to have all of your mobile technology connected. Apple has played a large role in this. If you have an iPhone, you probably also want a Macbook, an Apple Watch, and Airpods so they are all compatible with each other. We have so many mobile devices these days that everyone wants everything to be able to connect. This trend is important for brands with apps to be aware of. You want to make sure that your apps work across mobile devices, wearables, and tablets so consumers can access them across all of their devices. It is not enough for brands to only serve one mobile device because consumers don’t have just one mobile device anymore. Apps for Everyone It’s not just big companies that have apps anymore. In fact, consumers are starting to expect that brands have a mobile app, no matter how big or small. About 55 percent of small business owners say they already have an app, and many more say they are in the process of developing one. Why? Because using a mobile app increases the sales revenue of the small business, and creates a better experience for the customer. It’s a win-win. Another factor here is that app development is becoming widely available thanks to low-code and no-code app builders. With these platforms, any small business can build an app without having to hire a developer. There are also more types of apps available. Instead of building a heavy-duty native mobile app, you can build a lightweight hybrid app or Progressive Web App (PWA). These apps are a lot easier, faster, and cheaper to build, and they are also easier to get out on the market. Mobile Content Finally, the content that individuals are consuming on mobile is changing. As mobile technology continues to evolve, mobile content can start to become more dynamic and engaging. Having a static mobile website isn’t going to cut it with consumers anymore. With technology like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and AI, consumers are expecting more from their mobile content. They want something that is interactive, like an AR Snapchat filter, or videos that are personalized to their personal preferences. The more exciting and relevant the content, the more likely your audience will engage with it. These are just a few of the trends we are seeing happen in the mobile market. Mobile technology is constantly evolving and these trends are changing rapidly, which inevitably will influence consumer behavior. Mobile plays a huge role in our lives, and therefore it is important that brands stay on top of the latest mobile trends.

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