What Is Product Experience Software?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Does your company manufacture, sell, market, or distribute physical products?

Does your company value great product experiences and building brand affinity?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, keep reading to learn why product experience software should be a cornerstone fo your tech stack.

What Is a Product Experience?

Product experience encompasses every touchpoint a user has with a brand’s product(s), from pre-purchase through ownership. This includes both interacting with the physical product, like looking at it in a store or using it at home, and any digital experiences that are related to the product. Product experience provides information about the product to customers and helps support them.

The overall product experience is tied to the customer journey or the path a customer takes from identifying a problem that needs to be solved to becoming a customer of a business. Product experience comes in from the initial awareness stage and carries through the long-term usage of the product after the purchase has been made. To help customers learn what they need to know about your products and have an easy customer journey, you need product experience software.

What Is the Role of Product Experience?

Product experience has a crucial purpose for your business. It ensures that customers have positive interactions with your products from the consideration and evaluation stage to purchase to onboarding to long-term usage and customer support. A product experience strategy will help you map out every step of the journey and plan product experiences for every stop.

The product experience strategy also helps outline how the customer will interact with the product, how they should feel when they interact with the product, and what types of content they should receive during their product interactions. It also defines the ultimate goal of the interaction, whether that’s a purchase or another conversion step.

A positive product experience will guide your leads through the entire customer journey. By creating a comprehensive strategy, you can drive increased user acquisition and onboarding for your products. It also helps increase your product adoption rates, conversion numbers, customer retention metrics, and overall revenue for the business.

What Is Product Experience Software?

In order to maintain your product experience strategy and plan out an extensive and methodical approach to your product experiences, you need the help of product experience management software. The right solution will help drive your initiatives, track customer interactions, and provide metrics for analysis and future decision-making.

Product experience management is accomplished with a PXM platform. This is a third-party software solution that typically includes a Product Information Management (PIM) solution and Digital Asset Management (DAM) functionally.

The PIM solution will allow you to centralize and manage all of your product data in a single location. It helps you empower your team and collaborate across your organization easily. Rather than having disparate product files, with images kept on one server and SKU numbers in a spreadsheet, you can keep all product data in one place that is accessible and up-to-date.

A DAM allows you to manage and store all of your digital assets such as images, documents, video, audio files, and forms. By having a universal source of truth for all of your assets, you can organize files and share the assets with team members, channel partners, or third-party agencies. It gives your company the power to be agile and flexible in order to grow and quickly share information.

Some advanced PXM Platforms, such as Lumavate, also include a Digital Experience Platform (DXP). A DXP solution allows you to easily create any type of digital experiences, typically without using any code. This provides an extremely important functionality to businesses because most product-related experiences are digital. As such, marketers need an easy way to create digital product experiences for specific use cases. Everything from product catalogs and events to product labels and websites can be made with DXP. The DXP solution will automatically pull from data in your PIM and applicable product content and assets from the DAM.

How Do You Create a Product Experience?

In order to create a product experience with product experience software, you need to start by putting all of your product data in the PIM and storing all of your digital assets in the DAM. All three systems—PIM, DAM, and DXP—work together and build upon each other. Starting by cleaning up and transferring in your relevant data and assets prepares you to create product experiences that are accurate, relevant, and valuable.

A solution like Lumavate offers functionality for both PIM and DAM right out of the box. That makes it easy to get going without month long onboarding sessions, training, and set up periods. After you’ve transferred your digital assets to the right location in the PXM, you can start creating digital experiences for every moment in the customer journey. You can even take it a step further and create product experiences for more than just customers. Partners like retailers, dealers, and distributors, along with your employees can also benefit from digital product experiences crafted in a DXP.

Craft Your Next Product Experience with Lumavate DXP

At Lumavate, we want to support businesses with their product life cycles. That’s why our all-in-one PXM solution has out of the box functionality for PIM, DAM, and DXP. With Lumavate DXP, you can create any type of digital experience, including product catalogs, websites and microsites, QR code labels, brand portals, product sheets, campaigns, events, and more. To get started today, click on the link above and explore the Lumavate DXP solution.

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