What Is a Product Experience Team?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024

Product experiences come in various mediums — both online and in-person — to appeal to different customers. Product experiences include not only interacting with the physical product but also digital experiences related to the product that comes before or after purchase. It is an important part of moving a customer through the purchasing funnel or customer buying experience. The following information will outline more about a product experience and the vital role served by a product experience team or management.

What Is the Role of Product Experience?

The purpose of a product experience or the product experience meaning is to ensure your customers have a positive opinion of your product. This experience begins at the evaluation stage, then purchasing, onboarding, and finally long-term usage and ownership. Creating this positive experience with a customer demands a brand have a product experience strategy in place. Your strategy should outline all potential interactions a customer might have with the product, throughout the entire customer journey.

These interactions should consider and outline or predict how a customer will interact with the product, determine what they should feel when they interact with the product, and consider what content a customer will receive during each interaction. Product experience management should properly define the ultimate goals of customer interaction. A positive product experience throughout the entire customer journey will drive increased user acquisition, onboarding, product adoption, conversion, retention, and ultimately enhance overall revenue.

What Is a Product-Based Experience?

Product experiences are defined as the perception of a company’s product based on all interactions, engagements, and touchpoints between the customer and the product. Product experience (PX) drives and accelerates the growth and differentiation of a brand. Product experience examples include the following:

A practical example of this in action could involve a customer scanning a QR code for a product they just purchased that would teach them easily how to set up the product and use it optimally, or explain how to register it. 

Remember, the product experience begins at the first introduction of the product and goes all the way through the customer journey. Creating a product experience can also include the design of product packaging to include QR codes along with in-aisle messaging. Website information and user guides also provide key information about products. In addition, key features of product functionality are also highlighted within an overall product experience. Customer experience encompasses a wide area, involving how customers view not only products but the company overall.

What Is a Product Experience Team?

A product experience team is sometimes a standalone team within a company with the purpose of overseeing product experience. Other times, it can be in the form of a collection of people fulfilling various roles within the overall scope of product experience. No matter the form of the product experience team, either solely focused or as needed, this group is ultimately accountable for developing and implementing the product experience strategy. Their job is to ensure customers have an overall positive product experience throughout the entire customer journey.

Product experience strategy is much easier to perfect with product experience management (PXM) software. This type of software and the team overall will focus on key performance indicators such as customer acquisition, product adoption, customer satisfaction scores, ongoing product usage, product feedback, product repurchase, expansion sales to other products from the brand, and retention. It’s also important to note that no matter how the product team is structured, it will also require cross-functional work to ensure an exceptional product experience is created and then implemented.

What Does a Product Experience Manager Do?

A good product experience manager is responsible for the overall product experience for one or more products. As a result, they are ultimately the point person or the individual within the organization who is the expert pertaining to a product. However, the overall implementation of a product experience strategy is cross-functional. 

Some companies have full-time individuals dedicated to this role; others make it a component of a product manager’s role, making it a part of the product experience manager job description. Usually, this role is seen as an expert on product experience and customer expectations for their product experience.

Lumavate For Product Experience

Lumavate is a digital product experience company that helps businesses build digital product experiences. This includes the creation of product catalogs, websitessales resources, and more. Digital product experiences can pull product data from a brand’s PIM and the digital assets that showcase the latest product information. Lumavate allows companies to fully customize the design of their customers’ digital product experiences, ensuring the product experiences align with a business’ brand guidelines, without relying on development resources. The power of managing, creating, and iterating digital product experiences is in a company’s hands with Lumavate.

The stages of a customer journey are traversed much easier with the help of a customer product experience team. The customer journey includes the following stages that must be addressed by this team and the right digital strategy and software:

Thankfully, Lumavate allows your product experience team to serve a vital role in every one of these phases. This means that you can move throughout the stages — even if the process isn’t linear — and insert or interject experiences that benefit the customer most, enhancing their interaction with your brand throughout the whole process. Lumavate offers a digital experience platform (DXP) that streamlines this process making it easier for your product experience team or manager to perfect the art of marketing throughout the entire customer journey.

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