Using Mobile in your Influencer PR Packages

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Aug 8, 2018

When your customers are scrolling through their Instagram feeds, they’ll probably see some photos of friends, a recent engagement, or maybe a cute dog...but they’ll definitely see a beautiful, aesthetically crafted photo of an influencer promoting a product like a new face highlighter or hair supplement oil. Your consumers want honest reviews of products before purchasing and they trust online influencers to give the facts on whether a product is quality, cool, or worth buying. And, thanks to their reach and loyal followers, these social media influencers are some of your biggest marketing tools today. Brands are getting in on the action by sending free PR packages to social media stars with carefully curated and Instagrammable contents that are exciting and on-brand for an influencer to take a quick snap and post online. It’s not only important to have a well-designed product, but also to have a well-designed product packaging. To make it even more streamlined for an influencer to blog, vlog, post, snap, or tweet about your product, brands can create mobile integrations for PR packages that simplify the process and generate brand loyalty. Here are our top two ways to get started using mobile in influencer PR packages: Automatic Info QR Code It’s not likely that an influencer would post about a product that they don’t have all the information for. With a QR code attached to the top of a packaging feature, the influencer could easily scan the code using the “Camera” feature on their phone, which could open a mobile experience that identifies the item using branded and mobile responsive design, the product’s ingredients or components, and gives the retail price. By using a QR code, influencers can easily find more information about a product in a simplified format, prompting them to post a photo and share with their followers. Brand Ambassador Enrollment Brands can enroll influencers in their ambassador programs by integrating a text code, which most phone-addicted influencers would appreciate. All the beauty guru would have to do is text on-brand word, like SHINE or PRETTY, to a short code, and they would be texted a link that would take them to a mobile experience that boosted their chances of becoming a brand ambassador. You could include a personalized coupon code that they could share with followers and a way to track the code’s usage. Influencers can track their follower’s spending count and get immediate feedback from how well the PR package worked. It’s super easy for the influencer to add a coupon code to their photo caption or YouTube bio or Instagram story “swipe up” CTA, and their audience will appreciate the discount! With 4 in 10 millennial subscribers saying that their favorite creator is more influential than their peers, influencer marketing is becoming one of the best and quickest ways for a brand to reach their target audience. It’s authentic, genuine marketing and creates better customer relationships with not only the influencer, but the customers that buy as well. The big picture in all of these trends is that mobile is the way that your consumers are learning, buying and reviewing your products and services, so why not use mobile to engage your influencers?

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