Tips and Tricks Every Mobile Marketer Should Know

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Let’s be real here… marketing is hard. If you are in digital marketing you already know this. While a lot of people think you’re just making things look pretty, there is much more that goes into successful marketing. You have to constantly be adapting to changing consumer behavior, staying up to date with the latest trends and technology, creating engaging content and campaigns that attract consumers, working with sales to bring in the right leads, and so much more. Plus, there are multiple different mediums marketers have to worry about like print, in-person, online, and mobile. That’s why we’ve put together some mobile marketing tips and tricks to make marketers' lives a little bit easier. Start Designing for Mobile First things first, an easy way to get started with mobile is to make sure that your website, digital ads, apps, etc. are optimized for mobile. As mobile is becoming a dominant channel for consumers, it’s important you design with a mobile-first mindset. Brushing up on mobile design best practices help you engage a lot more consumers on their smartphones and tablets and won’t make them want to pull their hair out trying to navigate a shrunken down website on their phone. Some of these best practice to keep in mind include: Keeping these mobile design best practices in mind creates a better user experience, which in turn will help lead to more conversions. Also, keep in mind the need of consumers searching on mobile might be different than those searching on desktop. For mobile users, probably want quick answers that are easy to find whereas desktop users might want more detail. Mobile Doesn’t Have to Be Flashy  This is a pro-tip for all marketers out there: mobile doesn’t have to be flashy. When a lot of people think of mobile marketing, their minds immediately go to augmented reality (AR) or voice activation. While yes, those are important pieces of mobile marketing, you don’t need to jump to the latest technology when building your mobile marketing strategy. In fact, it is best to start at the basics and add in more technology as you need it. So instead of investing in AR or VR, implement a mobile messaging strategy using SMS or RCS. SMS campaigns on average have a 98 percent open rate, so it is a really effective way to reach consumers on mobile devices. QR codes are another piece of mobile tech that is easy to use and cost-effective. More and more brands are starting to use QR code activations in OOH advertising, in stores and restaurants, and even on TV. So instead of thinking about how trendy and flashy your mobile marketing strategy can be, think about easy ways to engage with consumers on their phones. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Apps Building a mobile app for your brand is an easy and effective way to engage consumers on mobile. Yes, I said easy. App building technology is constantly evolving, and marketers can now build a mobile app completely on their own, without having to code and keep it in budget thanks to low code and no code app development platforms. With this technology, marketers can have an app built and launched within a matter of days, I’m not kidding. And once you get started building an app, the opportunities are endless. You can use it as a mobile version of your website, like a loyalty program, for internal communications, wayfinding, the list goes on and on. Marketing isn’t easy, especially not mobile marketing, but these tips and tricks are a few ways that you can take your mobile strategy to the next level. However, the most important thing to note is that you shouldn’t ignore mobile as a channel altogether. While it might seem daunting at first, creating a mobile marketing strategy doesn’t have to be hard.

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