It’s Time to Take Control of the Aisle

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by Abrar Khandoker | Last Updated: Sep 1, 2017

How do you get your products to stand out to consumers when there are numerous other products competing for their attention? Today, it's no longer solely about making a better product or price. Instead, customer experience is the driving force behind purchase decisions. It's now more important than ever to optimize the consumer's experience to gain new buyers and turn them into loyal customers. As customers quickly decide which products to purchase, your brand only has a small window to grab their attention. Since a majority of their information intake also happens at the same, it’s important to make product information available in an easy-to-access format that allows the customer to make an informed buying decision. As smartphones now have such a strong presence in the retail marketplace, it only makes sense to make them a strategic component of the customer experience. These experiences need to be quick and easy to use. That’s where a product-specific mobile experience that a customer can connect with via text or QR code can come in. Mobile experiences that are activated via packaging or marketing materials can drive customer engagement and increased sales. And, product-specific mobile experiences are just one way your brand can stand out among others in the aisle. Read our Ace the Aisle whitepaper to learn other ways to make your brand stand out to consumers.

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