This Summer's Hottest Digital Marketing Trends

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by Zack Wagner | Last Updated: May 30, 2018

Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to capture the attention of this generation’s consumers? The technology they use is ever changing, therefore the ways marketers gain (and retain!) consumer attention needs to change with it. Here are a few digital marketing tactics that are trending with today’s consumers and generating great feedback. VR Marketing It seems like just a few years ago that marketers started focusing their efforts on using the smartphone as a way to connect with their customers. But, with an increase in consumer sophistication and ever-evolving mobile tech, marketers are now using VR (Virtual Reality) to deliver heightened interactivity and increasingly personalized communications to impress their customers. And the feedback the marketers are receiving from their customers is outstanding! Sixty-two percent of customers say they would feel more engaged with a brand that offers VR, and 71 percent of customers perceive a brand that uses VR as forward-thinking. Take a look to see how these companies used VR to enhance their customers experience Influencer Marketing If you have any type of social media account, you have seen influencer marketing first hand. And there's a reason that you continue to see these sneaky ads as you scroll through your social media feed, and that’s because they’re working. Countless companies nowadays resort to influencer marketing in an attempt to connect with a wider target audience. Hi Smile is one of those companies that  has seen massive success by implementing influencer marketing. The teeth whitening company based out of Australia has vast control over the teeth whitening market, thanks to their partnerships with teen idol and social media queen Kylie Jenner and UFC superstar Conor McGregor. The two celebrities–who have vastly different followings–promoted the Hi Smile product on Instagram. With the two of them having a combined Instagram following of 132 million, it was no surprise that the Instagram marketing campaign was a massive success. They were able to turn a small $20,000 investment into a $40 million company over the span of just three years, with influencer marketing being the driving force behind their marketing campaign. V-Commerce Thanks to the growing popularity of products like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, marketers now have a new way to connect with consumers who are comfortable having an always-on microphone product in their houses. To leverage this new tech, brands have to consider the natural questions that consumers are asking, and find a way to connect those questions back to your brand. As an example, Tide programmed an Alexa skill that allows consumers to ask how to remove stains. So when asked how to remove a stubborn dirt stain, Alexa might include a subtle Tide recommendation in its response. And with v-commerce expected to grow to a $40 billion business by 2022, you can expected to see more and more companies invest in voice command marketing strategies. With the average person’s attention span being shorter than that of a goldfish, you only have a matter of seconds to attract and keep the consumers attention. So it is key that your brand's marketing tactics stay up to date with the digital marketing trends.

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