Strategies for Customizing Indoor Wayfinding

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by Mitch Tor | Last Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Navigation apps have given people greater personal freedom, allowing them to efficiently venture from one unfamiliar place to another, still knowing where they are. However, that sense of understanding can quickly fade once someone has arrived at a corporate campus or medical center complex. In most cases, campuses with large and complex facilities can be challenging to navigate for new visitors or employees. For example, is there construction on-site making physical wayfinding tools confusing?  Regardless of the scenario, the facilities management, customer experience, and communications team at the organization will want to guide guests and employees to a great experience. Providing a digital wayfinding experience is a great solution to alleviate the stress of anyone visiting your location. In a recent Lumavate product training session, our Customer Success Manager, Averi Easley, walks through how to take one of our Navigation Templates and quickly customize it for your wayfinding needs in under 30 minutes.   An Overview of Using Wayfinding  The Office Building Navigation Template allows you to select waypoints with photos to contextualize the space for your users. Then you can add custom checkpoints to let users know if they are headed in the right direction. Checkpoints are places along the route that tells the user to turn left, right, or continue straight. For example,  usual spots for checkpoints include adding one in the waiting area, past reception, near, and some leading into the elevator area. The one in the waiting room is essential, as the user can continue straight or turn left to head to the cafe or right to go to additional offices. The same thing applies in the center area after the reception, as they can go right, left, or straight. Engaging with Customers When Using Wayfinding  There are many more ways to engage with a user in the wayfinding application. For example, if you would like to gather feedback on your wayfinding experience, you can do so by adding a survey. It is a great way to know if visitors find the directions helpful or if you need to make some improvements or changes to your paths. Wayfinding solves many challenges, bridging the gap between outdoor and indoor worlds while supporting how visitors and employees can successfully navigate a corporate campus or medical center complex. In addition, the digital transformation of a wayfinding experience helps your visitors and employees by:  Watch the On-Demand webinar for more information on implementing wayfinding using the Office Building Navigation Template.

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