How to Stand Out in the Mobile Commerce Boom

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Oct 24, 2018

We’re at the peak of a mobile commerce takeover. You don’t have to look much further than some recent headlines from mobile marketing publications to confirm it: the first, a prediction from Mobile Marketer that mobile commerce will overtake e-commerce by next year; and the second, eMarketer’s prediction that mobile ad spend will surpass all other traditional media spend by 2020. These forecasts paint a crystal clear picture: mobile commerce is the future, which means brands who don’t have a stand-out mobile commerce experience are going to lose out big time. Here are a few ways you can ensure your mobile commerce experience is grabbing shoppers’ attention this holiday season. The Personalization Payoff We’ve all been there–scrolling through social media and an ad catches our eye. We click, only to land on the retailer’s homepage with no way to find the product that was just picked out for us. Personalization of ads is important–71 percent of campaign conversions are driven by retargeting ads–but an often overlooked aspect of personalized ads is a personalized landing page. If your user taps on an ad for a specific pair of sunglasses, why wouldn’t your ad landing page be the product page for that pair of sunglasses? Creating a seamless ad-to-cart experience is crucial for conversions on your mobile ads, and the extra time you take to make sure each tap on an ad lands the shopper on a personalized page will pay off in conversion rates. Picture Yourself… There’s nothing more compelling than trying a product out. Why do you think so many brands offer a “30 day trial or your money back!” deal? When shoppers can picture themselves living with the product, it’s harder for them to justify being without it! Which is why new mobile tech like Augmented Reality (AR) is sweeping the mobile commerce space. Brands like Wayfair and Sephora are allowing customers to virtually try out their products before they buy, which in turn gives shoppers the ease of mind to purchase products that they might have been wary to buy without a test run. Leveraging AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is so much more than futuristic robots–it’s a way for you to provide personalized recommendations, helpful chatbots, and more! More than half of today’s companies utilize AI-powered chatbots–including brands like Whole Foods, Love Your Melon, and Fandango–and many of them are creating them through existing communication channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct messages, and RCS-enabled messengers. Not only can these chatbots be used to answer questions and give product recommendations, but they can also be used to actually complete purchases in one easy, convenient chat window. Today’s shoppers are turning to mobile first, and brands need to do more if they want to stand out in the mobile crowd. Keep an eye on mobile tech trends, and never settle for anything less than an experience that will compel the shopper to buy right then and there. In today’s need-it-now society, it’s a non-negotiable–mobile is the key to your e-commerce success.

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