Social Media is King, Utilize It So Your PWA Can Reign Supreme!

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Life happens fast and these days it’s happening on social media. Did you even eat brunch if you didn’t Instagram it? I don’t know about you but all my new recipes and dance moves in 2021 have come from TikTok. Social Media is king and we know you want it in your app so we’ve made that happen! We have eleven Social Media Components in our Component Library. And get this, you can plug them into your app without writing any code! Let’s jump in! Facebook Nowadays Facebook feels like the OG Social Media (RIP MySpace). Everyone from the kid you used to babysit to your Great Aunt Helen is on Facebook. It’s a one stop to catch up on it all. Makes sense to add it to your app! You can do it two different ways, Facebook Post and Facebook Live. Embed a post into your app to show off how cool your company is. Or you can embed a Facebook Live into your app so users can watch what’s happening live without having to jump between platforms! Instagram Instagram is so much more than pictures with a sepia tone on top of them now. For most people it is where they share pictures of their life, get news, advocate for causes they believe in, or share life hacks! Don’t miss out on re-using all of your great Instagram content to beef up your app content, embed an Instagram Post right into your app! Twitter For some, Twitter is their main means of communication. They follow news outlets, their friends, and brands they love to keep up to date on all the good stuff. They follow hashtags and trends in their sleep practically. You need to be a part of the conversation so make it happen in your app! Use the Twitter Timeline and Twitter Handle Timeline so users can scroll through tweets, old and new. Rally your users behind your hashtag with the Twitter Hashtag Button. Don’t just show them the conversation, help them join it! Pinterest Show yourself off with Pinterest! With three ways to use Pinterest in your app, there is no excuse not to! Embed a board, profile or pin to get users involved! You can easily show off how to use your products in unique ways, get users excited about new products, or link to quick how to videos.  TikTok TikTok took off this year and if you’re not on it you’re missing the boat. My For You Page is as diverse as recipes, dogs wearing hats, celebrity gossip, and ghost stories. It is a content gold mine and you need to tap into it for your app! Embed your TikTok video right into your app so users get a feel for your hip side without getting lost in all the other noise on TikTok! LinkedIn Show off your professional but still social side with LinkedIn! Help your brand feel approachable by embedding a LinkedIn post right into your app. No more linking out to your LinkedIn page and hoping your users don’t get distracted with all of the other content. Users will get a feel for your professional side and not get lost in a flurry of connections.  It’s important to get your head in the game when it comes to social media and it’s even more important to make it easy for users to get social with you. Our Social components are the golden ticket!

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