September Product Release: Say Hello to New Possibilities!

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Wow! We cannot believe September is already over. Time flies when you’re having fun releasing new Components and enhancing the Lumavate Platform! A lot happened this month and we’ve got a recap that will leave you saying goodbye to summer and hello to new possibilities! 👋 New Components on the Loose! This month a lot of new icons hit the Component Finder including, Side by Side Card, Line, and Blank Space. All of these Components offer a sleek and professional look to your pages. Give your users’ eyes some breathing room with Blank Space or easily divide a page with Line. Sometimes it’s the most simple of Components that really take your app to the next level.  A few of your favorite Components were updated too! Rich Text, Interactive Image, and all of the Card Components are new and improved! Each of these Components now offers even more customization options to make your app feel more like your brand! Forms Made Easy! The Component Finder wasn’t the only part of the Platform to get an upgrade this month, Form Builder got some major love too! Building forms and capturing valuable data from your app users just got a whole lot easier! Build a form once and add it to as many apps as your heart desires. When it’s time to edit your form, do it in one place and all apps using that form will be updated too!  The new Form Fields feel like an endless opportunity for capturing data! We’ve got every way you can think of including Checkbox, Dropdown, Numeric Input, Radio Button, and that barely scratches the surface. With Form Builder, there is no limit to all of the information you can collect.  Start off Right with Starter Kits! Six new Starter Kits joined the App Gallery this month! Now with over 30 Starter Kits in our Library, there is sure to be something that will spark inspiration in you!  This month we’ve added: All of these Starter Kits will help you jump-start your app-building! They might even spark an idea in you for how to put together your app or maybe your use case matches one of our Starter Kits and we’ve already done a big chunk of the work for you! Start an app from a Starter Kit today and make it your own! September really came and went with a bang but don’t worry we’ll be back in October with even more spooky good releases! 🍁🍂

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