Secrets to Paid Media

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Raise your hand if you have ever gotten mad at your paid media strategy for not working ✋. You put so much time and money into those campaigns, and then when they give you back low conversion rates and high CPCs, it is hard to want to keep trying. Brett Westerman, Founder of Oktober Media, specializes in paid media and knows all too well about these struggles., The good news is he is here to help. On his episode of Real Marketers, Brett shared all his secrets on how to succeed with paid media. Start Advertising on Spotify When you think about platforms you advertise on, Spotify probably doesn’t come to mind. It’s time that changes. Spotify has offered ad placements for a while but has only recently come out with its self-serve advertising platform. Not only does Spotify offer an incredibly wide reach at a very affordable price (no minimum spend required!), but they also do most of the work in creating your ad. All you have to do is provide them with a script and two hours later they will provide you with a high-quality audio production of your ad. And if you don’t like it, they will change it for you. You can even select the tone, pace, and voice it is read in. So let’s just say, if you aren’t already advertising on Spotify, you should be. Rethinking LinkedIn LinkedIn is the bread and butter of B2B advertising, but it can also be really expensive, and hard to get qualified leads. If you regularly run into this problem, it might be time to rethink your LinkedIn ads, and Brett offered a great new strategy. He recommends taking advantage of LinkedIn’s lead form ad type. This will let users click on your ad and fill out a form right in LinkedIn and you can send that information to your CRM. These lead forms have high conversion rates and can help cut costs. You should also rethink your targeting strategy. If you are like most people, you probably start your targeting with job titles and industries. Instead, start targeting skills and groups. These are the professional interests that they have gone out of their way to establishing rather than LinkedIn’s default job titles. When you target based on interests, you are going to get in front of people who have raised their hands and said “I’m interested” in a certain topic. Navigating the Love/Hate Relationship With Google If you are a marketer, you probably have a love/hate relationship with Google. You love them because they provide you with all the data you could need and can connect you to everyone in the world. But at the same time, you hate them because they are always trying to take your money and don’t want to tell you where it’s going. So, how do you make this relationship work for you? First, you can start by conceding and acknowledge you’re never going to beat Google. Second, you can take all the good things Google has to offer while being aware of the bad. One of the best things about Google is you can access everyone on the internet through it. Plus, the system is constantly getting smarter so you can reach more people and better spend your budget. They also have seamless integrations like Google Analytics and SEO tools. So continue taking advantage of all of these wonderful features. But, also be aware they’re always trying to spend more of your money. When you’re setting up ads through Google make sure to uncheck all of the boxes they automatically check for you, like audience and budget expansion. Also, be aware of your settings, and make sure you set them yourself rather than letting Google do it for you. Making paid media work for you can be a challenge, but these tips can help make sure your paid campaigns are successful. You can listen to the full episode of Real Marketers and get more paid media advice from Brett here.

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