Scanning QR Codes Is Now Easier Than Ever

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Apple’s iOS 12 update features all sorts of exciting new things for iPhone fanatics, including the Screen Time function that measures what apps you’re using and for how long, Memoji, the Measure app (which users have been having some fun with), and our personal favorite–the QR scanner! QR codes now have their very own button functionality available on the iPhone so that frequent QR users don’t have to worry about using their camera to click the link. Here’s why it matters:

In Case You Missed It... Apple put QR scanner functionality directly into the iPhone’s native camera back in 2017. This meant that you could swipe up on your Camera, focus on the QR, and directly click through to the linked URL. This took away all of the friction that originally rendered QR codes as obsolete (and, ok, even laughable) in marketers’ eyes. But now? No more third-party app download! Just open the camera, aim, and click the link! While this change was proof that Apple saw the power behind QR codes, the news was overshadowed by other exciting iPhone features, so many users didn’t even realize the change. But now? Apple’s most recent update is making an even louder statement that they’re on board with the QR comeback, and are ready to get users on board too.

Making Scanning Even Easier Users can now choose to add a QR scan button to their swipe screen–which means the new functionality has even more visibility to the consumer, and will hopefully see a little more adoption. For the users that are constantly using QR for things like payment systems, identification, and event entry, a one-tap QR access button may be the answer to QR’s previously slow growth rate in the U.S. With the reminder to scan right on your swipe screen, users may be more likely to use QR for info because they can clearly tell its intended use. 

This is a great way to get late adopters (like my mom, who just now figured out how to take send me photos) in on the QR fun and could be a step for creating more frictionless ways for brands to provide cool mobile experiences for their customers.

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