How Royal Caribbean Is Winning Over Millennials

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by Zack Wagner | Last Updated: Aug 20, 2018

A trip among one of Royal Caribbean’s 25 cruise ships is an experience that you will never forget. From zip lines and rock walls, to pool parties and water slides, the amount of cruise ship activities are designed to keep you constantly entertained while at sea. And that list is about to get that much longer, Royal Caribbean recently announced a $900 million “Royal Amplified” program that is aimed at adding experiences targeted to bring more Millennials on-board. Unlike the generations before them, Millennials are looking to spend more of their money on experiences rather than things. And it’s no surprise they’ve figured out that for Millennials, owning things is a ‘thing of the past’ when you look at the companies that have influenced their society. Think about it! The largest retail store doesn't own any items (Amazon), the biggest transportation service doesn’t own any vehicles (Uber), and the most popular hotel chain doesn’t own any hotels (AirBnB).  Well Royal Caribbean took notice, and capitalized on it in a big way! Royal Amplified The $900 million program to renovate and upgrade 10 ships will take place over the next four years and is creating a lot of excitement amongst cruise goers. The massive renovation will include reimagined outdoor decks for thrill seekers, elevated dining and nightlife concepts, and redefined short Caribbean getaways–all of which are aimed right at Millennials. And while the cruise ship giant is investing in a lot of experiences (like VR trampolines and high-tech escape rooms), they’re also investing in mobile as an experience. Amplified Mobile The Royal Caribbean doesn’t ever want you to forget the memories you made aboard their ships. And thanks to their new software tool that transforms the photos of its cruise ship passengers into original, shareable music videos, you never will! Royal Caribbean knows that their new wave of mobile-savvy travelers never go anywhere without their phones. So allowing them to remember these experiences through mobile just made sense. But Royal Caribbean didn’t stop there. They also offer SeaSeeker, a scuba mask that works with Snapchat Spectacles, and "virtual balconies" that use HD screens to give interior rooms a view. And, the Royal Caribbean mobile app provides a long list of features like expedited arrival and X-ray vision into behind-the-scenes areas of the ship. All of these mobile experiences are allowing millennials to engage with Royal Caribbean like never before, creating memories they will never forget! Royal Caribbean is known for always being ahead of the competition by staying on top of current consumer trends and providing innovations to to satisfy those trends. And with consumers interacting with brands twice as much through mobile, I can’t wait to see what other awesome mobile innovations that Royal Caribbean comes out with next!

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