How Perception Plays a Massive Role in Branding

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Whether we like to admit it, perception has a major influence on consumer behavior. Marketers can spend a lifetime building up their brand’s image, but ultimately molding consumers’ assumptions about a company is not a small task. When Stephanie Cox, Vice President of Sales and Marketing here at Lumavate, was on the Top of Mind Podcast, she gave listeners valuable insights on how to improve the perception of one’s brand. Attach Your Name to Top Brands We make assumptions every day, for better or for worse. For example, I assume a restaurant has exceptionally good food if I see a ton of people post pictures of it on social media.. That might not be the case, the restaurant may just have decor well suited for an Instagram. The same can be applied to your brand. If you’re a part of a small to medium-sized company, and you can put your name next to a recognizable brand like MGM Resorts, consumers will start to assume things. First, they may assume that MGM Resorts is a customer of yours. They might also assume your company is up-and-coming because it’s displayed next to this big brand. These may not be entirely accurate, but this is what we as humans assume. An easy way to accomplish this is through podcasting. If you interview people from well-known brands, consumers will assume you work very closely with them. After several different episodes, you’re able to put your company’s name next to a long list of popular brands, and who doesn’t want that? Content is King One of marketing’s favorite buzz words is thought leader. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to be experts in our field, and we’re spending an incredible amount of time trying to achieve this through webinars, (virtual) conferences, social media, etc. But how many of us are using this content in the sales process? Staying with the podcast theme, lean on content from your podcast during the sales process. You can direct prospects to relevant podcast episodes, or create short videos that support your overall message...bonus points if it’s from an industry leader. “If you’re talking to these experts, there are things that they say that are going to be these quick little two-minute clips that can be super relevant to a prospect that you’re talking to,” said Stephanie. Imitation Is the Best Form of Flattery  New doesn’t always mean better. Marketers oftentimes think they have to reinvent the wheel in order to come up with the greatest marketing strategy. That’s just not the case. Some of the most successful campaigns have been iterations of pre-existing things. Whether you’re redesigning your website, starting a podcast, or something else, lean into previous work. What has resonated with you as a consumer? What campaigns stand out in your mind? Take what others are doing, make it your own, and run with it. I think you’ll be surprised by how different they’ll feel once you’ve put your spin on it. Want more tips on how to appear like your brand is everywhere? Take a listen to Stephanie’s full interview on Top of Mind.

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