Returns on Providing A Sleek Unboxing Experience

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018

First impressions mean everything–especially now, when most of today’s shoppers prefer to buy online. Since the first impression moment is shifting from in-store to on-your-doorstep, brands are investing more into sleek and impressive packaging experiences. Big brands like Apple and Miller Coors are at the forefront of tapping into the senses and creating a new “moment” around opening their product for the first time. The “unboxing” process has become a bit of an internet phenomenon,  with more than 71 million hits on YouTube unboxing videos. It’s become a trend that consumers across the globe are documenting, liking, and sharing daily. So, for consumer-facing brands (especially those that sell mostly through big-box stores), this is a moment that simply can’t be forgotten. Here are a few payoffs of a successful, well-thought-out unboxing experience: Building An Online Brand Presence Remember the excitement of “show-and-tell” day in elementary school? Even though we’ve grown up, there’s still an exciting aspect to showing everyone something new and shiny that you received. E-commerce brands who spend time and money creating an on-brand experience around receiving a package have seen valuable upticks in exposure. Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than descriptions that come from manufacturers, which explains why 62 percent of people who view unboxing videos are considering that product for purchase. And, nearly one in four consumers said they would share an image on social media if a product came in a unique package. Creating a unique story through packaging can engage consumers right at the beginning of their journey with your brand, and capitalize on that post-purchase excitement they’re already feeling. And, it’s a great opportunity for you to get some free online exposure from your happy customers! Creating a Story Your product’s packaging is meant to create a story. The product’s delivery is much more than just the way it gets to the consumers door–it’s also an opportunity to create another touchpoint in your customer journey. The outer and inner packaging should reflect your brand personality and voice, while highlighting important parts of the product. By implementing the same color scheme, integrating logos, and making sure the box fits into a mailbox without having to be signed for are important for a flawless delivery process. One company innovating in packaging is Trunk Club, an online clothing subscription box. Trunk Club invested their budget into a unique printed box, shaped like an actual trunk case with a handle, incorporating their brand identity of old world sophistication. On the inside cover of the case are a few printed “How To’s”, outlining three simple steps for use. Additionally, each item is tied with a twine ribbon and a handwritten stylist card, with instructions on item pairings. Trunk Club has managed to produce an on-brand total experience for their product, proven by their stellar online reviews and large social media following. Curating Brand Loyalty Building brand loyalty from the beginning is crucial to the success of your business, and an unboxing experience is the perfect way to start off on the right foot. Brand advocates have been shown to be worth up to five times the usual lifetime value of a customer to a retailer. And if your brand can “wow” a customer enough to record themselves reviewing your product as they unbox it, that’s a surefire sign of brand loyalty, since consumers often see the brand as an extension of their online and offline persona when they are willing record themselves reviewing a product and then broadcast it across their social media. This consumer confidence empowers and excites new users, which can turn even the most cautious buyers into loyal customers. And, as we know, retaining loyal customers and bringing them back again and again is more cost effective than fishing for new ones. Catering to this segment of consumers can reinvigorate a brand and foster the buzz that’s important in today’s mobile-heavy society. Today, it’s more valuable than ever to have a dedicated emphasis on your product’s packaging. Inventive uses of packaging tie together your brand’s story and create a sensory adventure for your consumers in their very first moments with their new product. Take the time to focus on connected product–transitioning from plain white cardboard boxes to branded parcels is easily implemented for any type of product on the market. It keeps your customers excited about your product and waiting on their doorstep for the next delivery.

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