Things Just Got Easier Thanks to the Newest PWA Update

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Marketers know one speed - fast. It’s how we adapt to changing consumer behavior and generally just get stuff done. We need our technology to move just as fast as we do. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the perfect match for marketers. We like to say PWAs are the perfect combination of native mobile apps and the web. I could probably talk your ear off about why every marketer should ditch their native mobile apps for PWAs, but we would be here all day. So for time’s sake, let’s just say the argument for building a PWA is strong. One of the main selling points for PWAs is their speed. PWAs are guaranteed to provide fast experiences regardless of the device. And with this new update to PWAs, things are only getting faster for users. The Shortcut to Success   Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Whether it’s driving or skipping a few ingredients in a recipe, I’m always going to take the easiest route possible. Our lives have become so busy, we’re constantly looking for ways to make them easier, especially with technology. As comical as it may be, sometimes we don’t have the time to go through all of the motions to draft a new Tweet or compose a new email. Sometimes, we need to do things in two clicks or less. That’s where App Shortcuts come into play. On March 30, Chrome Developers tweeted about a pretty big update to PWAs; Chrome OS users will finally have the ability to use App Shortcuts for their installed PWAs. Quick refresher on PWAs: users don’t download PWAs, they’re installed to a user’s mobile or desktop device. Users can install PWAs in a number of ways including, QR codes, text, Near-field Communication (NFC), or through a URL. Google has an entire guide on what it takes for PWAs to be installed here. Why You Should Care From a user standpoint, this will make your life so much easier when using PWAs. But from a marketing standpoint, this further proves PWAs are the future of mobile. As more functionality is added to PWAs, the more popularized they will become among consumers, and the more outdated native mobile apps will become. If you’ve already built a PWA (preferably with a no-code platform 😉 ), you are now able to define your desired App Shortcuts in the web app manifest. Google has a complete list of instructions on how to do that here. Customizing your app with App Shortcuts is the perfect way to increase engagement from users. However, if you still haven’t ditched your native mobile app for a PWA, take this as your warning sign. PWAs are not slowing down any time soon; PWA adoption increased by 175 percent in 2020. Build a PWA before you’re miles behind the competition. Can’t get enough of PWAs? Neither can we. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to ensure you don’t have PWA FOMO and download our State of PWAs Q1 2021 infographic; you won’t believe how many brands hopping on the PWA bandwagon.

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