Building an App is Easy With a PWA Builder

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Today we will be talking about everyone’s favorite topic: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)! And why YOU need to ditch native mobile and hop on the PWA bandwagon. Who’s excited? I know I am! One of the reasons we are so passionate about PWAs here at Lumavate is because they are so easy to build. I’m not kidding when I say anyone can build a PWA if they have the right tools AKA a low code or no code PWA platform. No Code No Problem Coding it so last year. I mean c’mon with low code and no code platforms we really don’t need to be coding anymore, and don’t let app developers tell you any different. Let me backup and explain a little. With most PWA builders you can build a PWA with no coding experience. Think of it as a WYSIWYG app builder because what you see is exactly what you will get in an app. So instead of writing out code and then running it to make sure it looks right, you can place components and features onto the app screen and make changes on the go. It’s so easy anyone can do it, even if you struggle with technology. PWA > Native Mobile Apps Once again I am going to tell you why a PWA is superior to native mobile apps (I will keep preaching this until everyone makes the switch). Native mobile apps seem great from the basis of functionality. To be fair they can do a lot because they are integrated with the phone’s hardware, so you can use features like access to camera and geolocation, but PWAs offer just about the same functionality and get rid of the dreaded app store download. While downloading apps might not seem like a big deal, when you think about it is kind of annoying to go through the whole app store download process just for one app that you might not like. Whereas with a PWA, you can use the app through the web to make sure you actually like it before saving it to your home screen. Plus, it takes up less storage on your phone. How many times have you tried to download an app, then get told you are out of storage, then have to figure out what current apps to delete, and by the time the app is downloaded the whole process took way longer than it should’ve. With PWAs you won’t have to worry about that! And don’t forget, major apps have already made the switch to PWAs and are loving it. Have you ever used the Starbucks app? Or what about Pinterest? Those are both PWAs. If I hadn’t just told you would you have even noticed they were different than a native mobile app? They still function exactly the same except they are easier to use, don’t have to be downloaded, take up less space, and run faster. Take App Building into YOUR Hands Stop letting IT tell you what to do! As a marketer, I am sure there have been many times when IT told you “no” or “to wait” when it comes to a project that you want done fast. It’s not a secret that marketing and IT don’t always get along. Now, I’m not necessarily telling you to go behind their backs with a low code PWA builder, rather just suggesting you ask for forgiveness and not permission (maybe the same thing, but this sounds a lot nicer 😉). With a PWA builder you can have full control over your app from layout, branding, functionality, you can make all of your own choices. Plus, once your PWA is built you don’t have to deal with the app store enforcing unreasonable restrictions on your app or their app approval process. So moral of the story, when you build a PWA with a PWA builder, you get to control it and own it. And it shouldn’t be any other way. Personally, I don’t know how you can pass up the opportunity to build an app, without code, that you have complete control over, and that consumers will love. This is a win-win! So next time you are thinking about building an app, make sure you consider a PWA before launching into the long and painful process of building a native mobile app.

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