PWA Bracket Challenge: Championship Round

Emily Rompola Picture

by Emily Rompola | Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018

The Big Game is here! The PWA Bracket Challenge has made it to the championship game. We’ve taken the Final Four PWAs and put them to the last and final test–First Meaningful Paint.  

First Meaningful Paint (FMP), a test that falls under the Performance score in Google’s Lighthouse Audit, identifies the time (in seconds) it takes for a page’s primary content to be visible. In other words, the time it takes a page to appear meaningfully completed. The lower the FMP score is, the faster the page appears to load and the better an end-user perceives the overall performance of the page to be. 

Having made it through now four tests, the two PWAs who have made it the championship game are serious competitors. So to not keep you waiting any are the two PWAs competing in the championship game:

This round was close, with only .5 seconds separating the winners from the loser. But, Starbucks and Instagram have pulled off the “Ws.”

Check back on Monday when we announce the winner. Until then, try the Starbucks and Instagram PWAs for yourself (don’t forget to be on mobile!), and let us know who you think will be the Champion in the first-ever PWA Bracket Challenge. 

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