Our Biggest Product Release EVER

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by Stephanie Cox | Last Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I'm absolutely thrilled to share our biggest product release EVER with all of you! It's been months in the making and I've been trying to control my excitement about this launch since before the holidays. And trust me...that's really hard for the former cheerleader in me. 📣

So..why am I so excited about this release? One simple reason. It's all about empowering marketers to build apps without using a single line of code. Our vision is for a marketer to be able to whiteboard an idea for an app in the morning and then build and publish that same app later that afternoon using our platform. This release finally makes that possible and is only the beginning of what we have planned this year.

Here's a few of the key highlights of what's included in this release:

Check out the video below to learn even more of what's included in this release!

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