Why the NFL Move to Mobile Ticketing Will Score

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by Patrick Jutras | Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

There’s nothing better than coming home from work, putting my feet up, and watching some football. As a Buffalo Bills fan, I’m excited to get this season up and going after the wildcard finish last season. I’ve been a season ticket holder for years and have always had to print out my ticket at home and keep track of it as I travel to the game with friends and family. Recently, the NFL released a statement mandating all teams move to a mobile-ticketing system. The Broncos, Cowboys and Falcons were some of the first teams in the NFL to completely ban the use of printed PDF tickets. While there’s been an uproar from fans both positive and negative, I think this is the best idea since traveling in-stadium beer bikes. Quicker Entry/Fast Moving Lines Fans already have their phones out to take photos and of the stadium and snap selfies in the stands, so why not go ahead and let fans enter the stadium with the device they’ve already got in their hands? Just being able to pull out a phone instead of dig through their bags or wallets would cut down on congested entry lines. Fans can even save and access tickets through Apple Wallet or Google Pay, with just a quick tap to their home screen just like most U.S. airline companies already allow you to do with boarding passes. Less Fraud Scalper ticketing companies have made online tickets way more expensive, by competitively buying up mass amounts of tickets and reselling them for a few dollars more. NFL teams aim to keep this kind of reselling to a minimum, and also prevent fraudulent tickets with mobile ticketing. The NFL mobile ticketing system allows you to transfer tickets to people you know and also allows posting for resale. Fake barcoded tickets or double-sold tickets sometimes happen and can leave you out of the game, with no way to track who stole your seat. Digital ticketing eliminates that risk completely, saving you time and energy. For actual resellers or season ticket holders like me, mobile ticketing means that those tickets are easily transferable to friends, family, or even a Facebook friend. With all of the travel, tailgating, and keeping track of family and friends as we hustle to the gate, it’s easy to lose a printed ticket. Now that the NFL is moving toward this mobile only ticketing solution, that game day stress is gone and all I have to do is keep track of my phone. And don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone, stadium managers are allowing RFID-enabled cards for entry access, too. All you have to do is tap and go, like you would with Google Pay, after you’ve loaded your ticketing barcode. I can’t wait to try this new mobile experience at the next game… what are your thoughts on it? Tweet us @Lumavate!

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