Mobile Is the Way To Their Hearts

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Relationships take hard work and communication. When it comes to wooing your customers, you won’t need chocolate and flowers this year. Instead, you need to meet them on the channel that has captured their hearts for the last decade–mobile! Today, users spend 69 percent of their media time on average using smartphones. Figuring out how to capture their attention in a crowded marketing space can be tough–but luckily, we’ve got some perfectly sweet ways for you to win their affection through mobile: Stuck on U(ser experience) What’s the worst part about trying to register a product, checking out, or trying to access an article? All the time-consuming and tedious steps it takes to get to the goal. Optimize flow for your users by cutting out the clutter (this is especially important on mobile, since you’ve got limited screen real estate and limited attention spans!). Providing natural steps through simple design and obvious touchpoints can keep your customers engaged and decreases drop off rates. Language-learning app, Duolingo, has developed a well-designed, easy and customer-centric interface where there are simple steps to help the consumer get acclimated to the application system and motivated to learn. Crazy 4 Customer Support Consumers consistently rank mobile apps as the #1 channel that generates positive emotions for customer service. But, they rarely use them for service interactions, most likely because they are often disappointed when it comes to their actual mobile app experiences. Only 38 percent of customers reported high satisfaction with mobile apps. Make sure you’re meeting your customers with exactly what they need by asking follow up questions through post-purchase email surveys, and invest in a chat feature that’s connected to Facebook Messenger. Customers can simply “@” your brand’s social handle to ask a question and get an AI-generated answer in one single chatbox. Fall in Love with Full-Screen With the recent release of the corner-to-corner screens on the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy s8, brands can utilize mobile phone’s full-screen capabilities to accentuate their apps. High-quality photos and videos will look fantastic on larger smartphone screens, so make sure the image settings are optimized for the different phone sizes and systems. Banner ads will have more room to run across the top or bottom of a page without interrupting content, so use that little bit of extra ad space to your advantage. Be Mine on Mobile Mobile has consistently been one of the best ways for brands to make an experience highly personalized. With so many touch points, it’s the best way to deliver relevant content and make the journey individualized. Coffee giant, Starbucks, nails targeted content by using location tracking services and prior data to generate personalized discounts and drink deals. Their mobile app makes it easy to reorder favorite items through the loyalty program, and even can tell you what song is playing in the Starbucks you’re currently in. They’ve even gone so far as to begin beta-testing mobile ordering through Amazon voice assistant, Alexa. With no end in sight for mobile, there are myriad opportunities for providing individualized experiences that are sure to win your customers’ love. As mobile technology changes, we’re tasked with providing a flawless customer journey and optimizing our mobile spaces. With 2.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, reaching these customers and capturing their attention is more important than ever. Overhauling your brand’s mobile experience can seem daunting, but sticking to the most important factors–UX, customer service, design, and personalization–can set you up for success, and make your customers fall head-over-heels for your brand.

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