Mobile Use Cases for Quick-Service Restaurants: Whiteboard Wednesday

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by Stephanie Cox | Last Updated: Jul 9, 2019

My best days begin with a Coke from McDonald' husband definitely says that I'm addict. But with McDonald's mobile app, I can order ahead and get my drink right before I go into work! Talk about a fantastic (and fast) mobile experience! In 2014, when Taco Bell launched their first native mobile app for ordering and payment, brands across the globe have used mobile to varying levels of success. Many apps saw lots of initial downloads with sometimes outrageous free food offers, but more often than not, downloads for this type of offer for the quick-service restaurant industry saw stagnant growth. Since then, brands are getting more innovative with their mobile experiences. Card-less payment, in-store touch kiosks, and using mobile data as currency have been some of the new ways that major QSR players are attempting to get back on track with mobile. In today's Whiteboard Wednesday video, we're looking at how some of the major players in quick-service restaurants and how they're using mobile in increasingly innovative ways to delight customers, whether they're in store or in the comfort of their cars. Check out the video below.

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