Mobile Display Ads: Where Are Your Users Landing?

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018

It’s no secret that your customers are on their smartphones more than any other device. Today’s purchasers are 20 percent more likely to buy on mobile than on the alternatives. With technology consistently at their fingertips, mobile advertising becomes an exciting space for marketers to customize unique ads with interactive and engaging features. Digital advertising surpassed desktop and TV with total revenues of $72.5 billion in 2016, so we know that well-executed mobile app advertisements equal revenue. Below, we’ve listed some ways to keep your customers tapping, especially on mobile: Focus on Loading Speed Attention spans are much shorter on mobile devices–1.7 seconds on a piece of Facebook content, compared to 2.5 seconds on a desktop. If a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53 percent of users will abandon the page. The easiest way to keep your load times at a minimum? Reduce image dimensions and dependencies. A seemingly small one-second delay in page response can result in a seven percent reduction in conversions which, over time, accumulates to massive losses in revenue potential, and ensuring that images will populate quickly is one way to keep those ad tappers from abandoning a slow-to-load page. Capture Their Attention A unique and unobtrusive call-to-action button catches the user’s attention and drives inbound traffic. Combine this with the all-mighty powers of color and design and the CTA can encourage more content downloads, sales inquiries, and demo requests. Spotify does this well, aligning their fonts and colors closely with the logo and website colors. Their mobile landing page is much more user-friendly than their desktop landing page, with a colorful and easily tappable CTA at the top, and more information loading as you scroll down the page. They also do a great job of cutting down content to appeal to on-the-go mobile viewers, ensuring that the most important and engaging content is first. Keep it High Quality A smaller screen size shouldn’t diminish the landing page quality. Use clear and consistent imaging throughout the page, so that users can see a beautiful page no matter if they’re viewing it horizontally or vertically views. And remember, it’s just as important to make sure your ad content quality is up to mobile-first standards, too. Tailor the content based on where your ad is going to be located. Be mindful of images, videos, and use exciting ad copy, like this Instagram advertisement for Velocity Black, a VIP mobile concierge app. It does a great job of catching attention by using HQ video formatting, which is something that Instagram users are already used to seeing in their feed. Go Cloud-Based Your users aren’t going to be happy if they click on a page that isn’t made-for-mobile, or worse, asks them to download an app. Routing a user to download a native mobile app that they’ll use one time wastes storage and space on their phone, which can lead to frustration. How can you ensure that users will get a visually satisfying and made-for-mobile experience every time they click on one of your ads? Cloud-based mobile apps! These made-for-mobile experiences are lightning-fast and gorgeous on mobile–appealing to the short attention spans of today’s consumers. Cloud-based mobile apps are proven to provide higher engagement rates, too! Take Lancôme, for example. They built a Progressive Web App (PWA) that sends push notifications, re-engage users, and increase their open rates. Overall, they netted a 15 percent decrease in bounce rate, and a 17 percent increase in conversions. Imagine harnessing that power in your ad landing pages! The potential revenue opportunity is just too good to pass up. Mobile is becoming the largest avenue for consumers to access your rich content. Marketers have to stay on top of the trends in mobile app development and ad page design to encourage and foster meaningful brand relationships with their users. Keeping these best practices in mind, you can identify how your customers are getting to your page, keep ads relevant, and create landing pages using cloud-based mobile apps.

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