Mobile Brand Crushes: Valentine’s Day Edition

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Staying home isn’t exactly a foreign concept to us at this point. We’re almost at the one-year anniversary of our world going virtual, so we’re pros at entertaining ourselves at home by now. But Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be overlooked just because everything is virtual. Instead of scrolling through TikTok, or watching another episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix, these brands have a few ideas to make the day special. ❤️ White Castle’s Drive-in If this was a normal year, you could actually make Valentine’s Day reservations at White Castle. While before this year, it may not have ranked at the top five places you wanted to spend Valentine’s day at, consumers are eager to escape their homes for a night on the town...even if it means spending the holiday in a White Castle parking lot. 🚙 White Castle isn’t canceling their usual Valentine’s Day promotion, they’ve just tweaked it a bit for the times we’re in. Instead of making a reservation to eat inside of its restaurant, White Castle has rebranded its usual Valentine’s Day special to a drive-in experience. Restaurant-goers will get a designated table (AKA a parking spot) where an employee will greet guests and deliver meals to their cars. White Castle has even curated a playlist to accompany the dinner called “Slider Lover’s Luv Channel” on Spotify. White Castle took an unfortunate situation that could have ruined their 30th anniversary of their Valentine’s Day experience and made the most of it. For the Love of Dunkin’  Weddings were among the countless events canceled or rescheduled due to the pandemic. Many couples were forced to reimagine their perfect day as certain venues remain closed and gatherings are limited to a small number of guests. But for some lucky couples, Dunkin’ is hoping to make their wedding day extra sweet. The only thing loyal Dunkin’ fans might love more than its ice-coffee is Dunkin’s drive-thru wedding. Dunkin’ is partnering with I Do Drive Thru Weddings, a popular wedding drive-thru service, to make lucky couples’ dreams come true this Valentine’s Day. Instead of the traditional white dress and a tuxedo, the bride and groom will be dressed to the nines in Dunkin’ gear. It will definitely be a day to remember. 🍩 A Special Delivery from DoorDash While cooking the TikTok-famous pasta every night sounds good in theory, sometimes you just have to order delivery, especially for Valentine’s Day. And because many couples want something more than just ordering a burger and fries for their special dinner, DoorDash and Shack Shack are bringing in the help of their friends, Boys II Men, to create a memorable night. In addition to launching limited-edition “Berryz II Men” milkshakes, those in the Philadelphia area will receive “Love Delivered” kits when ordering Shake Shack through DoorDash. Each kit will have a “Berryz II Men” scented candle, a Boys II Men T-shirt, and other memorabilia to commemorate the event. But even if you’re not in the Philadelphia area, you can still enjoy a virtual performance from Boyz II Men on February 14 on Twitch and on DoorDash’s Facebook Live channel. Wants to Get Revenge on Your Ex 2020 marked the end of movie theatres, concerts, and wearing jeans every day. It even marked the end of some relationships. Luckily for those experiencing heartbreak, still wants you to celebrate Valentine’s Day...just in a non-traditional way. will let you put your ex in a dumpster this year (figuratively, of course). If you’re carrying around emotional baggage from your last relationship, lighten your load by telling why your ex deserves to be put in the trash. As a consolation prize for getting broken-up with, you’ll be entered into a contest where you could win a $300 gift card. Sounds like a win-win to me. Valentine’s Day is going to be different this year, but if there’s one thing we learned last year it’s that you have to be innovative when it comes to your marketing strategy.

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