Why Use Low-Code Mobile Application Software

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by Michaela Markley | Last Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Mobile app builders have been on the rise as the demand for low code and no code app platforms continues to increase. The business world is taking advantage of the rise of citizen developers and business users aren’t waiting any longer for other departments to have time to build out apps. The business is taking things into their own hands and using app development software to be agile and build out apps quickly and effectively. Let’s look at how low code and no code app builders have changed the playing field along with understanding how mobile application software has created an agile and competitive advantage for the business units.  Low Code vs. No Code App Builders When looking at mobile app development software it’s important to understand the difference you will receive between low code and no code platforms.  When looking at no code vs. low code make sure you know what the long-term goals of your app are and whether you will need the flexibility that low code offers. It’s also important to note when looking at app builders if you want mobile application software downloaded to your device or if you will want to access the app builder via the cloud. Agile App Development With low code and no code app development, you can embrace an agile and competitive app building process that can take weeks instead of months or years like native mobile app development. Thanks to low code app builders, the foundational blocks are already in place and it allows you to easily build your app with available integrations and visual elements . . An added benefit of low code is that you have the ability to bring in your own code. This can be helpful when there is an integration you want to use in your app, but it’s not readily available in the low code platform. With a low code platform, you can develop this integration and easily connect it to your app. On the other hand, no code platforms are limited to only the features offered by the platform. 

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