Benefits of a Mobile App Builder

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by Michaela Markley | Last Updated: Jun 13, 2020

It’s decided - you are building an app! (Woohoo! And what an exciting adventure you’ve started.) But now you may be wondering what the best step is to start to build an app for your company and stay within budget. There are many tools out there to help to build your app and one of the software many organizations have started to use is a mobile app builder. Mobile app builders have helped organizations build apps on a smaller budget versus hiring developers. These platforms have the foundational building blocks already put in place to allow your team to start building the app that will work for your use case. No code app builder software can range from being no-code app builders to low code and even open-sourced. Let’s dive into the benefits of mobile app builders and how they can help you and your team build your next app.  Time to Market App development can seem daunting at times hearing that apps can take months if not years to get up and running. With the entire process of app development; from ideation, market research, mock-ups, designing, building, testing, etc. it can become an extremely long process for some companies. However, app builders can help you get an app up and running within weeks, if not days or hours. Due to the design of most app builders, the foundation is already in place and all you and your team need to do is figure out the flow of your app and use the drag-and-drop interface to build your app. You can learn how to create an app without coding with tutorials and training that the app building platforms provide. This will empower you as a citizen developer to start building your app completely on your own in a matter of hours or days.  Cost Savings One of the many ways you may have even come across the idea of a mobile app builder is by googling ‘building an app on a budget’ and trust me - you are not alone. That’s part of the reason these interactive app builders have come into existence! It’s hard to estimate how much an app can typically cost because there are so many variables that can change the cost; how soon do you need it, the number of experts needed, the complexity of the app, features, and integrations, etc. App development in 2020 could cost between a few thousand dollars all the way to a few hundred thousand dollars or even millions of dollars. With an app builder, pricing can be much more cost-effective. You Are in Control  This is a bittersweet benefit. Yes, you are in control of the app because you are building the app yourself in a low code or no-code environment. Your team doesn’t have to check up on the development team or outsourced company repeatedly to try to figure out updates to timelines or make changes. But, with a mobile app builder, you also may not have the flexibility of customizing as many features or integrations as you would with developing your own app from the ground up. It kind of comes with the price tag. However, if you find a low-code platform that allows you to code certain features to add additional customization it can be a good balance of quick to market but having the ability to code in your own features.  Mobile app builders can be a great decision for your app development needs if you are looking to stay within a lower budget and/or wanting to get your app up and running within a short time frame. Want to see a low code app building platform in action? You can create a free account with Lumavate today and have an app published within a matter of hours. 

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