Marketers: Mobile Is Your Duty

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018

When was the last time you didn’t know where your phone was? You probably can’t remember! Chances are, your smartphone is within reach at all times. American adults are on their phones a minimum of three hours per day and we’re consuming an insane amount of mobile content in that time. Whether the hours are spent using filters on Snapchat, buying toilet paper from Amazon, or looking up a song on YouTube, users are having mobile experiences on every platform, in every moment of their customer journey with different products and brands. We do everything on our phones! Clorox’s CMO, Eric Reynolds, said it best: “We used to think of mobile as a channel...but, marketing essentially is mobile today.” It’s time to face the facts: mobile is no longer the duty of IT’s marketers that have to be calling the mobile shots. Designing your mobile experience to intrigue and entertain your consumers–to create a “moment”–should be the end goal for marketers...period! So, how can marketers make sure that they’re owning mobile, and seeing results? We’ve got some tips to help you think in these mobile moments: Create a Journey The days of cramming all of your content and information into one cumbersome and slow-loading native mobile app are over. People are snubbing mobile apps for mobile-first websites and Progressive Web Apps (PWA), where you can create micro-experiences that serve the customer best on the device they constantly have on hand. Global makeup giant Lancôme ditched their native app for a PWA where they could cater to the casual customer that wouldn’t bother to download a bulky app when trying to order a new mascara. They saw a 17 percent increase in conversions and a decreased bounce rate in the first year. Lancôme was able to create quick and engaging mobile experience that caters to their customers in the pre-purchase moment of their customer journey, and it paid off. Design for Mobile-first We’ve said it a million times–mobile-optimized design is a must. A shocking 57 percent of users said that they wouldn’t recommend a poorly-designed mobile site. Mobile users are chasing a goal, whether it’s to find information about an item or to make a purchase decision. Make it easy to find information with short hamburger menu lists and apparent CTA’s. Customers are 5 times more likely to abandon a task if the site isn’t optimized for mobile, so the easier it is to locate something on your site, the more invested (and likely to buy) your consumer becomes! Brand the Content As a marketer, you know how important building a solid brand is. Why would anyone throw that hard work away by not using branded content for your mobile experience? After engaging with branded content, consumer awareness of a brand increases to 69 percent. Virgin America does a great job of branding their mobile experience. They’ve seamlessly brought together eye-catching visuals and content with amazingly-fast load times (one of the major perks of PWAs!). This way, consumers can access the content in a faster, and see it in a made-for-mobile format. Let’s face it: if you’re not marketing through mobile now, you’re behind the curve. Take careful steps in promoting branded content through eye-catching design, and the create meaningful “moments” for your consumers through the device that they love the most. As a is your duty.

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