Why You Should Partner with a Low Code Mobile App Builder

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 20, 2020

2020 threw us a curveball. Back in January, I had no idea the marketing strategy I was working on for the year would be tossed in the trash in three months. I was blissfully unaware the trips I was booking would get canceled. And I didn’t know I would start to have more conversations with my Alexa than an actual person. Yeah, 2020 has been really fun. Despite these setbacks, 2020 did bring us something positive - an increased rate of digital transformation. I guess when the world is put on pause, digital advancements happen. People needed a way to conduct business as normal, safely from their homes. Thus, there was a surge in the adoption of low code application platforms. Let’s take a look at why every marketer should be using a low code mobile app builder this year. Let’s Clarify a Few Things First Before you click off this blog post, hear me out. Low code platforms do not require you to know code. We’re marketers, after all, we didn’t go to school for software engineering! Let’s discuss the difference between no code and low code platforms prior to getting into why every marketing should adopt this MarTech. Up first, we have no code app builders. When you first hear the term, no code, you may think this is the option you want because you can drag and drop pages and features to create your mobile experience. You don’t want to edit lines of code to make an app...that’s what IT is for, right? Wrong. Yes, no code platforms are easy to use. And many marketers that have a tendency to break the rules (AKA Shadow IT) gravitate to this technology because they don’t need IT’s assistance implementing it. But we all know good things don’t come so easily. While no code platform’s best selling point is their ease of use, their weaknesses overshadow the good. No code platforms are known for their lack of functionality and potential security threats. As marketers, we want access to as many shiny objects as possible. So when we’re limited to the things we can create on no code app development platforms, we get a little frustrated. Even the best no code platforms will leave something to be desired (and don’t even get me started on free no code application development). We know that consumers are quick to judge a mobile app, and will delete it from their home screens if they don’t find that value in it. Marketers need something better...marketers need a low code platform. What is Low Code Development and Why Is It Important? Welcome to the better option for marketers - low code app builders. You’ve got an option with low code platforms. If you’re comfortable with code, you can actually bring in your own code with these platforms to customize your app further. But, if you just want to use a low code app template, that’s okay too. Like no code app builders, you can drag and drop features and pages into your app. And did I mention it was fast? You could have an app built in just a few hours. Building an app will probably be the easiest thing you do all day. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next digital project, one of our favorite low code development examples is the Linking Indy Women app (we might be biased, but we think they partnered with the best low code platform). After this event app was published, they saw a 15 percent increase of attendees registering through the app. Think about the success your app could hold? Other Things to Know  There’s a lot to know about building an app. Not only do you have the choice of what type of mobile app you build, but there are also some design trends to consider. When you start your search for an app builder to partner with, you’ve got some options. The low code market has exploded recently and so the list of low code development platforms is continuously growing. Gartner has a Magic Quadrant for enterprise low code application platforms to help you with your decision. Ready to start looking for a low code platform? We’ve put together a guide on how to choose one of the top 10 mobile app development companies before you partner with one.

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