Leveraging Digital Experiences for Sales Enablement

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by Simon Mutlu | Last Updated: May 12, 2022

My sales leadership career began in 1997. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with various kinds of teams in different industries during multiple generations of sales enablement technology. Over those 25 years, one priority has remained constant: to remove hurdles that detract from an individual contributor’s ability to learn and adopt best practices. Having worked for organizations as small as 15 employees and as large as 150,000 employees, I have seen some of the evolution that occurs with growth.  Small, fast-growth startups have fewer guardrails, optimizing for speed and agility across the team. Their sales leaders need visibility to identify and replicate the practices that best serve their customers. Then, bureaucracy is inadvertently woven into the sales process as the company scales. It’s not uncommon for an Account Executive at a huge company to spend most of their time with internal meetings, documents, and procedures that limit their ability to see customers.  It’s our job to curtail some of that organizational crabgrass as it creeps up. Here are a few things I have done to combat organizational drag for my teams over the years.   These days, digital experiences are everywhere - every leader in every function is responsible for leveraging them to improve the agility of their respective team. With platforms like Lumavate, non-coders like myself can launch experiences without needing to rely on oversubscribed development resources. For example, you can create an internal mobile-first app for your sales or field service teams for service or product education and onboarding that integrate into CRM tools and many other tech stack integrations. These seemingly simple improvements in mobile-first workflows, transparency, and testing dramatically impact the overall performance of the team. I’d love to learn more about the digital experiences that your organization is launching to enable your sales team. Let’s continue the conversation! Connect with me here.

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