Here's How Kroger Is Nailing In-store Mobile Experiences

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by Zack Wagner | Last Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Attention all retailers: Take note of Kroger, because they’re doing mobile right! Just this month, Kroger launched a new app for healthier grocery shopping in an attempt for shoppers to engage in a more balanced and holistic approach to self care. How it Works OptUP was designed to make better-for-you shopping easier for its users, and it does so with five key features, by allowing you to: “score” groceries you buy using nationally-recognized dietary guidelines; receive personalized product recommendations; view your household OptUP score; scan and search items to find nutrition facts and product alternatives; and add better-for-you options to your digital cart for curbside pickup or delivery. The OptUP product scores are based on a nationally recognized dietary standard. Every product has been given a score from 1-100 then put into one of three categories based on its score. Products in the green category a 71 or higher, these products tend to be lower in saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and calories. They may also be higher in fiber, protein, and fruit/vegetable, or nut content. The yellow category ranges from 36-70 followed by the red category which ranges from 1-35. The household OptUP scores range from 0-1000, and are based off of purchases history over the previous eight weeks. Click here to watch a short minute long video of the app in action! Why We Love This App Even though it’s not a Progressive Web App, I love the direction that Kroger is headed. OptUP shows that Kroger is looking to strengthen their relationship with customers by first noticing consumer shopping trends, then providing a mobile experience as a solution that offers a deeper level of engagement for their customers. Here are some of the consumer trends that Kroger addresses with OptUP:

Shift Towards Healthier Options: Shoppers are becoming more picky about the foods they bring home, and as a result, are willing to spend more money if it means buying healthier food options. Organic food sales rose an average of 16 percent during the past four years to $11 billion.

Consumers In-Store Mobile Usage: No one goes anywhere without their phone by their side, and that is especially true while shopping. Seventy-seven percent of consumers have used their smartphones while shopping in-store and 74 percent of consumers would shop at a retailer that offered an improved mobile in-store experience.

Millennial Engagement: If you’re looking to appeal to millennials, providing a personalized mobile experience is key. Millennials are looking for a customer-centric experience with a brand that understands their preferences and makes recommendations tailored to their specific needs. And since millennials are projected to account for 35 percent of all daily per-person consumer spending by 2030, I think it’s safe to say that appealing to them is pretty important for your brand.

By offering apps like OptUP, stores like Kroger are not only changing the way today’s shoppers make purchases, but they’re also changing the expectations of shoppers for their in-store experience. So as apps like OptUP become more and more popular, consumers will come to expect these tailored experiences for all of their shopping trips.

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