July Release: Beep Beep! New Components Are Here!

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jul 15, 2021

This summer keeps getting better and better for the Lumavate Library! With this release, we are dropping nine, yes NINE new Components into your Studio. This means there are 100 Components waiting to be put into your app 🙌. I know what you’re thinking, stop jibber jabbin and tell me about the newest members of the Lumavate Library family! Your Ride Is Here! Gather all your besties because beep beep your ride is here 🚗 . Yep, we have new integrations with both Uber and Lyft! Now your users can call their favorite ride sharing service from inside your app! All you need to do is set the pick up location in your Studio! And with Lyft give your users something extra special with a Promo Code. Plug these Components into an Event app and your attendees will be buzzing about you! TTYL Don’t let Uber and Lyft get all of the glory in this release. We still have seven other Components to brag about! Chatting with customers just leveled up with three new in-app chat FABs, LiveChat, LiveAgent, and Intercom! Connect your accounts to your chat service and you’ll be a tap away from taking care of all of your customers' needs.  Swiper, Yes Swiping! Showcase images with our two new Carousel Components! Swiper Cover Flow and Swiper Image Carousel take any page to the next level. Showcase up to ten images in these carousels, but it doesn’t stop there! Link each image to either an external or internal link, making for easy and eye-catching navigation. With Swiper Image Carousel, you can overlay text on each image. Talk about sleek!  There are so many more great Components in this release and updates to your favorites. I couldn’t do them all justice here. Jump into the Studio to check them out for yourself! We’ll be back in another two weeks with even more exciting updates and additions to the Studio! See you then! 👋

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