How to Find Your Place on TikTok

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Nov 30, 2020

How many things in life do you have an opinion on? For me, it’s basically everything. Ask me anything and I can guarantee I have some opinion or point of view on the topic. As a marketer, the same should be true for your brand. When you are building your brand, whether it is your company or a personal brand, it should have a strong identity and a point of view. This is some of the awesome marketing advice Lauren Pope shared on her episode of Real Marketers. Lauren is a Content Marketing Manager at G2, but that’s not all she does. She is also a pretty popular TikToker with more than 70,000 followers. How did she do it? She created a point of view for her account and stuck to it. Create a Brand Point of View and Stick to it Creating a strong point of view for your brand is so important if you want consumers to remember you, and build a following on social media. Take Wendy’s for example. Everyone knows about Wendy’s Twitter account because they respond with sarcastic, funny tweets that sound like a real person. The same is true on TikTok. When you have a strong brand presence that doesn’t waver, more people start to notice you. This held true for Lauren when she entered the world of TikTok. When she started her account she put a lot of thought into what kind of account she wanted to have. She started by making a list of things she enjoys and used that to define the page. While it might sound silly, making a list of brand attributes is a great way to further define your brand’s persona. Think about the product, messaging color palette, and determine what your brand voice is. Then going forward make sure the voice is represented through your campaigns, advertisements, and social media content. Find Your Niche TikTok Market I know what you are thinking, TikTok is just for dancing and my brand would never do well on it. But I am here to tell you you’re wrong. While yes, TikTok might be known for creating popular dances, there are so many other niche markets on TikTok. You can find content on baking, teaching, movies, parent’s advice, travel, product reviews, the list goes on and on. There are so many different twists and turns on TikTok, I can almost guarantee you there is a market for you there. So instead of writing it off, just give it a chance and see what happens. Plus, you don’t even have to post your own content. Maybe you just use it to follow the trends or maybe you use popular TikTok accounts to promote your brand. The options are endless. So I hope we can all agree that TikTok has more purposes than just learning new dances. Once you create that persona for your brand, the options of diving into a niche TikTok market are endless. And the best part? It doesn’t take thousands of followers to be popular on TikTok, anyone can blow up on the platform at any time. Want more tips on how to bring your brand onto TikTok? Listen to Lauren’s full Real Marketers episode here.

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