How Much Does Bynder Cost Per Month?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Dec 27, 2023

When you want to find customers in today’s world, you know you need to look online. Customers use search engines and the internet for a large portion of their buyer’s journey. They use the internet to research solutions to their pain points and the companies that provide solutions.

To bring leads into your sales funnel, and then convince customers to stay with your brand, you need to provide a consistent online experience. You need to build and maintain a strong list of digital assets that will support your brand and help communicate the value of your products.

However, as you build your online resources, you will find that you end up creating countless digital assets. You need a system that can help you quickly and efficiently manage all your digital assets. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is the tool that will boost your success. Here’s what you need to know about these systems and the pricing of some of the leading options.

What Does a Digital Asset Management System Do?

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution allows companies like yours to store, manage, and share all your digital files and assets in one central location. Often, this type of solution is shared across multiple departments without your organization. You can also share it with partners such as agencies or channel partners who help you promote your business.

What Is the Value of Digital Asset Management?

With a digital asset management system, businesses will find it significantly easier to manage all the digital assets they have for their business. Businesses will use these digital assets throughout the entire marketing process, from the time when they first encounter customers at the beginning of their sales journey, to when they have people who have made a purchase but continue to need quality customer service. Maintaining a categorized list of digital assets through the best DAM systems is the optimal way for businesses to reach these leads and customers in a timely and effective manner.

Having the ability to tag digital assets makes it easier for everyone at your company to find the assets they need when they need them. Bynder competitors, like Lumavate, create a searchable system that anyone on the team can use to quickly find the assets they need.

As you manage your online presence, you will also need to regularly update your digital experiences, including your website or your product catalog, whenever your team updates your product. These updates might be minor changes in how the product is made, or they could include major updates, such as the introduction of an entirely new item. When this happens, you need a system that will quickly scale the information about these updates across the entire system. This ensures that everyone on the team has access to the right information at the right time. Outdated information can quickly and easily be removed with a DAM so that customers always have access to the correct, optimal information to entice them to make a purchase.

Using a DAM allows you to create a brand portal where you can share curated selections of digital assets with other team members, agencies, or channel partners. You don't want others to create their digital assets, which could easily vary in their quality and in the information they present. Providing everyone with the same assets ensures a consistent brand experience with all your leads, regardless of who they interact with, the channel they are on, and the product they want to learn more about.

Now that you see the value of the digital asset management system, here is what you should know more specifically about Bynder.

How Many Customers Does Bynder Have?

Bynder has risen to be a popular platform for digital asset management. The company reports having more than 4,000 customers using its platform. Bynder is just one of many different platforms that customers can elect to use to manage their digital assets for their manufacturing businesses.

How Much Does Bynder Cost Per Month?

Bynder pricing and Brandfolder pricing are not publicly available.

Customers interested in working with Bynder will need to go through the sales process with the Bynder team to get a price quote for their specific needs. While companies who operate in this fashion say that it helps them create more customizable quotes for their potential clients, it can make it harder for businesses to gain an accurate look at how much they should expect to pay for their digital asset management system. This makes it harder to compare prices between competitors and see which would provide them with a better deal.

Lumavate offers clients a full Product Experience Management (PXM) solution that includes a built-in Digital Asset Management solution as well as Product Information Management (PIM) functionalityDigital Experience Platform (DXP)text messaging, and a form builder solution. For businesses in the manufacturing space who want to create a completely smooth user experience and better control access to all the information they have about the products, this type of all-in-one platform often provides a more complete solution, as customer's do not have to piece together solutions from a variety of different companies.

Additionally, Lumavate runs, on average, 75 percent more cost-effective than competitive solutions. This means businesses can get access to more tools and capabilities with a more cost-effective plan.

As a bonus, Lumavate also publicly shares its pricing right on the website. This simplifies the learning segment of the customers' buyer journeys, as you can compare prices between companies and better see the value that Lumavate can add to your business operations.

Getting Started with Your DAM

For businesses that want to build a strong online presence for their customers, bringing a DAM into your business strategy plays an important role in success. A well-optimized DAM helps businesses better manage all the assets they have available for their team. It makes it easier to ensure that everyone, from the customer service team to the web design team, has access to the same digital assets and the same information about the products when they do their jobs. Customers receive a more consistent experience, and they see the same quality of digital assets regardless of where they turn. If you need to update any of your assets, you also do not have to worry about the information getting updated in some areas but not others, which can quickly lead to confusion and mishaps.

If you want to see the value that a DAM can bring to your business, particularly when you combine it with other valuable product information management tools, see what Lumavate can do for you. As the best-in-class solution that also offers greater value and better prices than competitors like Bynder, customers get to experience the value of the product without the intimidating price tag.

Get started now with your Digital Asset Management Solution and see what Lumavate can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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