How Does the Product Experience Make a Customer Feel?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023

A great product experience delights customers. Each interaction a customer has with your product should seamlessly fulfill their needs. Simple and intuitive product experiences, leave a lasting impression on customers that translates into loyalty.

What Is the Difference Between CX and PX?

Customer Experience (CX) and Product Experience (PX) are both part of the customer journey, however, they are distinctly different. CX encompasses all interactions a customer has with a brand across various touchpoints, including customer service, marketing, and sales. It's holistic, covering the overall perception of the brand. 

Conversely, PX specifically concerns direct interaction and satisfaction with a product, emphasizing usability, functionality, and emotional connection. 

Product experience (PX) is all about how the customer views a specific product and its features. PX describes the way the customer uses the product and how they feel about it. Product experience meaning encompasses a beginning-to-end experience with a product.

Customer experience (CX) is about the customer's journey not just with the product itself, but with the brand that creates, promotes, sells, and supports the product. The CX is inclusive of the PX, and the two are very much related. Ideally, a positive PX enhances the CX, and vice versa.

What Is a Product Experience Strategy?

product experience strategy incorporates every product experience across the entire customer journey. Typically, this strategy involves mapping out the entire product experience and every potential interaction a customer will have with the product. Marketers define what should happen during those interactions, how the customer should respond, and how to continue to guide the customer through their journey.

A product experience strategy and the art of product experience management should define goals for customer interactions with products and the types of experiences the customers will ideally have. This can include desired customer responses.

A product experience strategy should also include a plan to implement and test the strategy, such as A/B testing and regular customer surveys. This behavior ensures the customer is getting the desired result from the software.

How Does the Product Experience Make a Customer Feel?

A successful product experience should ensure a customer feels positive about their product purchase decision. It should drive adoption of the product, as well as evangelization via word-of-mouth.

What Is Product Experience Software?

Product experience software (PXM), or a PXM platform, is a third-party software solution that includes a Product Information Management (PIM) solution and DAM functionally. A PIM solution allows the user to centralize and manage product data in a single location. A DAM allows you to manage and store all of your digital assets such as images, documents, videos, blog posts, customer data, and more.

Some PXM platforms, such as Lumavate, also include a Digital Experience Platform (DXP). A DXP permits the user to create any type of digital experience without using any code. This is extremely important functionality because most product-related experiences are digital and marketers need an easy way to create digital product experiences for specific use cases, such as product catalogs and events. In this case, the software can automatically pull data from the PIM and applicable product content and assets from the DAM to create digital experiences.

While this sounds technical, it isn't so for the front-end user and their product experience. They're creatively managing and constructing assets, while the software handles a complex flow of information and sharing of assets.

By incorporating the PIM, DAM, and DXP into a PXM platform, Lumavate is one of the more superior product experience software examples. 

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