Here's How Denny's Is Winning the Here-and-now Customer

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Denny’s, once just a diner that focused on burgers and pancakes, is now one of the most hyped Twitter accounts on social. A tweet in 2017 capitalized on a meme and skyrocketed the diner chain to viral success. And, while their Twitter game is fun, there’s a bigger strategy behind it–they’ve taken on the sassy, fun persona that resonates with younger consumers, who Denny’s had previously been having a hard time getting to dine at one of the most popular American diner chains. It’s clear the marketing powers-that-be behind the Denny’s brand know a thing or two about paying close attention to consumer behaviors and shifting their strategy to capitalize, which is why the success behind their latest strategic move isn’t all that surprising... Late Night Cravings In early 2016, the Denny’s team tracked the data of their customers and saw that there was strong performance on mobile around 8 p.m. Instead of sitting on that customer data, they took action: they redirected some of their ad spend to target that late-night demographic and bring them in to satisfy those late night cravings. Pivoting their mobile strategy for more targeted ads saw a 2.2 percent jump in same-store sales–a major success for the brand. Capitalizing on Consumer Behaviors With great results on mobile ads, they worked their mobile strategy to include a new online mobile ordering site called Denny’s on Demand. The online ordering site features 24-hour ordering and pickup for anyone who needs that late-night burger and fries fix. Denny’s has even begun partnerships with companies like Hulu and Amazon to better reach their customer base through digital experiences. With this type of online customer engagement, Denny’s is pulling forward as America’s favorite diner by catering to guests that not only want a late night snack, but also want to connect on mobile.

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