Everything You Need to Know About a Guest Blog Program

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Apr 30, 2021

If you are on a small marketing team, you are all too familiar with the obstacle of limited resources. But you also know that having limited resources is never going to stop you from doing something. So if you are looking to grow your blog, but don’t have the content team to support it, what are you going to do? Start guest blogging. This is exactly the solution G2 came up with a couple of years ago, and its guest blogging program is now a well-oiled machine that brings in a ton of website traffic every year. Rebecca Reynoso, Senior Content Editor and Guest Post Program Manager at G2, shared all the ins and outs of guest blogging on the Real Marketers Podcast. Your Team Can Only Write so Much Content Writing content isn’t always a fast process, especially if you are looking to produce quality content. Therefore the amount of quality content your team can write is limited, but that doesn’t mean that’s where the writing has to stop. When you implement a guest blogging program, you can meet whatever your blog post goals are, and you won’t break your team’s brains in the process. G2 has an incredibly successful guest blogging program that Rebecca helped implement, and with it, they see 550,000 website sessions per year just from their guest posts. Creating a guest blogging program is a great way to expand your content’s reach, especially for smaller teams. Getting Writers Of course, a guest blogging program sounds great in theory, but how do you actually get people to start writing for you? It’s actually not as hard as you might think. A lot of people want to write guest blogs, the tricky part is finding the right people to write for you. Rebecca shares that she started posting on social channels and reaching out to her network explaining G2’s guest blog program and how to participate in it. Then, to make sure they were getting quality leads, they created a landing page with guidelines of what they were looking for. Setting up specific guidelines helped them weed through those who were serious about writing quality pieces for them from those who weren’t. Quantity vs. Quality  The most important aspect of creating a successful guest blogging program is finding the balance between quantity and quality. While volume is great, it is more important to produce high-quality content rather than a lot of sub-par posts. At the beginning of G2’s guest blogging program they were putting out almost 100 blogs in a month, but hardly any of them were actual valuable pieces of content. Since then they have focused on slimming down their publishing schedule and focus on finding good writers that specialize in the right topics. Guest blogging shouldn’t diminish the quality of your brand’s blog. You should still focus on SEO throughout your blogs, take the time to edit all writing, make sure there is a clear tone and structure throughout all writing, even guest blogger’s writing. Guest blogging can be a very valuable tool when you take the time to create a high-quality and consistent program. Also, you have nothing to lose by at least giving it a shot. If you want more advice from Rebecca you can listen to her share all her blogging secrets on Real Marketers.

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