Four Essential Ways to Engage Your Employees Using Mobile

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018

Seventy-seven percent of people in America use a smartphone daily–and with more than 125 million people in the workforce today, companies are starting to become aware of the constant stream of information their employees consume. Instead of limiting usage or giving them a strike for being on their device, why wouldn’t you use that obsession over technology to your advantage? There are a multitude of ways for employers to increase their employees engagement while they’re at work through mobile. We’ve got four tips to get you thinking: Utilize Device-in-Hand Training Employee onboarding can be a laborious process anywhere, but firms that are integrating mobile apps to help are seeing major returns. Fifty-eight percent of employees would complete their training quicker if the lessons were broken down into small, tasked modules. To meet today’s employees with the resources they need to succeed and maximize your training efforts, model your mobile training experiences after Almond or Skill Pill. These companies make learning interactive and upbeat so employees stay interested and engaged during onboarding exercises. Make it a Game So, with employee attention spans waning, how can you ensure that their training activities are yielding the desired results? Gamification! We’re integrating it into our marketing and advertising campaigns, so why shouldn’t we integrate it into how we engage our employees? Gamifying training can make for fun and exciting engagement opportunities for employees. Ford Motor Company combined their learning portals with competition-style games where they used levels, rewards and achievement factors to train their sales team on the new cars available for purchase. From this, they saw a 417 percent increase in employee use. Yes, you read that right: 417 percent! Encourage Online Collaboration Companies large and small are combining group brainstorms with mobile apps to blend work tasks between teams and departments. Collaboration applications are a great way to help with communicating between teams–it’s so much easier to send a quick message through chat than get up and walk all the way across an office when you don’t know if the person is even at their desk. Not only that, but working remotely is increasingly becoming the norm, and providing a messaging channel on mobile assists in the completion of tasks when a team member is working from home. File sharing, writing in forums, and project management is easily accomplished through simple collaboration systems like Slack (which also happens to have a great mobile experience in addition to their desktop app). Promote Positivity with P2P Recognition There’s no better feeling than getting a pat on the back for a job well done. And 43 percent of employees report not getting enough recognition for their work leads to unhappiness in their workplace. Developing a mobile experience around giving peer-to-peer recognition (P2P) works to encourage and support fellow employees during the work week (look no further than Tap My Back for a little inspiration). Fostering a culture of recognition within a company creates good attitudes and all-around excitement about the work employees are doing. So why wouldn’t you provide a way to do just that on the device your employees always have on-hand? Employee engagement isn’t just about getting your workers to participate in the day-to-day grind. It’s about improving worker satisfaction by investing in the resource platform that they already use everyday: a smartphone. Gamifying learning and collaboration are just the tip of the iceberg in attracting an excited workforce. Believe us when we say that there’s no reason not to start taking advantage of that device they already have in their pockets to capture your employee’s attention from nine to five.

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