Lumavate Recognized As Fall 2021 High Performer By G2

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Bragging isn’t usually our M.O. But with the release of G2’s Fall 2021 reports, we couldn’t resist. Easiest to Use We’ve been saying no-code app building platforms are easy to use for a while now, and our customers agree. Not only were we named Easiest to Use, but we were also given the coveted titles of Easiest Setup and Easiest Admin. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves. App building platforms that don’t require code are intuitive to use. Remember those building blocks you used to play with as a child? That’s how simple building an app is with an app builder. We believe app building should be for everyone which is why we’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible.  On top of our actual platform being easy to use, our team has created a robust library of on-demand training videos our users can reference while building their apps. We have everything from “Building Your First App” to “Including Audio In Your Apps”. Whatever help you need, we’ve got your back.  We even have more than 30 Starter Kits for users to use. These app templates are designed for users who want to accelerate their app building or just need a little inspiration.  💡 And pro tip: just because a Starter Kit is designed for a specific use case, doesn’t mean you can’t do a 180 and make it something completely different! Let us show you why we were named Easiest to Use. Create a free account now and start building your first app.  Best Support Our top-notch Customer Success team is constantly mentioned in our reviews (so much so it’s going to our heads..just a little). Our no-code platform makes building apps easy, but our Customer Success team takes it a step further.  “The Lumavate team is TOP NOTCH. Beyond easy to work with. They helped us quickly and efficiently every step of the way.” reported one Lumavate user We have weekly live sessions to help our users with any questions they may have about building apps. Plus, we show off a few advanced tips for you to steal during these sessions too.  High Performer  The cherry on top of all of this? We were also named a High Performer by G2! Companies that are awarded the High Performer badge by G2 have the highest Customer Satisfaction scores in the Grid Report. And just to brag once more, here’s what another Lumavate user had to say.  “They're constantly upgrading their platform, which gives me more features and customizable options. The team is extremely knowledgeable and patient with my questions (I don't have a strong app background). Do yourself a favor, save yourself some headaches. Work with Lumavate.” Here’s a (not so short) rundown on Lumavate’s badges for G2’s Fall 2021 reports: Check out on G2, and read for yourself why thousands of marketers love us. ❤️

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