Exciting Tech Announcements from CES 2018

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 9, 2018

The ringing in of a new year is not only the perfect time for us to reinvent ourselves, but also the ways in which we use technology. For 50 years, the Consumer Electronic Show has provided a space for companies to showcase the latest-and-greatest trends technology to an “intimate” audience of 184,000 attendees. This week in Las Vegas, CES did not disappoint; the future became reality as innovations in augmented reality and self-driving cars were just the tip of the iceberg. If you weren’t able to escape to the warmer weather out in Las Vegas, here’s what you missed during the first half of the week at CES 2018. Self-Driving Cars Autonomous vehicles are a budding innovation that have been out of reach for consumers–that is until this year at CES. Aptiv, a technology company that specializes in automated driving, teamed up with the popular ride-sharing service Lyft to provide an automated experience for those attendees lucky enough to visit Las Vegas this week. Yes, we’re talking self-driving cars, people. And if that wasn’t futuristic enough for you, automotive startup Byton debuted their fully-electric SUV. With the integration of Amazon’s Alexa, passengers will have the capability to connect several devices to the vehicle, meaning you won’t need to reach for your smartphone while you’re behind the wheel. And if that wasn’t enough, facial recognition will enhance the driver’s experience even further. If you’re like me and have ever felt the frustrations of having to adjust the driver’s seat, temperature and entertainment settings after someone has driven my car, the facial recognition component with individual profiles will make sharing a vehicle with someone less of a headache. TVs Streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have completely revolutionized what we watch, and television manufacturers are following suit by changing how we watch. LG is bringing AI to their TVs by integrating voice commands into their LG ThinQ AI televisions. You’ll be able to control TV settings like volume and picture mode with voice commands, and integrate existing smart assistants like Google Home and Alexa for further voice command functionality all on your TV screen. In other “larger than life” TV news, Samsung unveiled “The Wall”, which is a television that’s a whopping 146 inches. If a 146-inch TV sounds daunting, customers can customize the size as the “The Wall” is also modular. Augmented Reality Augmented Reality stole the show this year in Las Vegas with multiple use cases for this technology that have never been possible before due to a lack of user-friendly hardware. Vuzix Corporation undertook this grievance and debuted the first AR glasses that can connect with Amazon’s Alexa to show the user countless displays, including notifications, phone calls, and much more. While CES did showcase some products that are a bit Jetson-esque, several have the potential to go to market at some point later this year. We’re excited to see if the rest of the week in Las Vegas holds the same momentum as the first day! Stay tuned for a recap of the second half of the week coming to the blog later this week.

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