Ensure Consistent Messaging in Your Digital Experiences

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Every two weeks, we push out new functionality so you can create digital experiences for your customers, partners, and employees at scale even faster. In our most significant release to date, we've added a ton of new enhancements with Content from Text, redesigned Branding, updated almost every Component, and more!

What’s New

Content from Text Ever need to reuse the same product description or a company boilerplate across multiple digital experiences? Now you can with Content from Text!  With Content from Text, you can:  You can also use Content from Text to ensure your digital experiences have consistent CTAs. For example, you can create a “Learn More” CTA within Content from Text, and have the messaging be consistent across any experience. Then if you need to update your buttons’ messaging, you can make one change and have the updates be automatically reflected in any experience with the Content from Text.  Redesigned Branding We’ve also redesigned the Branding section in the Studio. In addition to setting experience-wide settings like your brand’s color palette, font, header, footer, tracking cookies, and more, you can now designate your font styles for H1, H2, H3, H4, paragraph, buttons, and links to use in design elements throughout your digital experiences.  Add Collections, Experiences, Pages, and Components Faster When adding a new Collection or a new Page or Component to your experience, you’ll notice a new button in the Studio to complete these actions. Learn more about everything that’s included in this release: 

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