Engaging Remote Employees With Mobile

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Getting up in the morning, grabbing that cup of coffee, picking up your keys and heading out the….wait! For the more than 43 percent of Americans that are working remotely, that weekday ritual is no longer the norm. In 2018, there’s been an uptick (almost 4 million!) in the number of people working remotely, and employers are more frequently offering work-from-home days and remote work in full-time positions. An increase in remote work offerings is a huge score for those with long commutes, family at home, or health issues, but could lead to some internal employee struggles. Without being in-office to collaborate, it’s easy for some employees to feel out of the loop or uninformed. Which is why more internal communications teams are turning to mobile tech for employee engagement, allowing for collaboration and ensuring that the right message ends up with the right audience. Making Communications Mobile Remote employees can’t just pop into a coworkers office when they’ve got a question on a task and without in-house team meetings, it can be hard for remote workers to figure out an answer. For a remote worker that might be traveling 60 percent of the time, being able to quickly connect with team members is key for keeping productive, which is why many offices are using messaging platforms that can be accessed on mobile. Think: Slack, Google Chat, Skype, Microsoft Lync...and those are just a few! Ensuring that employees can communicate on mobile is imperative to keeping your on-the-go employees in the loop. Thinking Out-of-the-(in)box An overloaded inbox is a staple of working in any capacity—usually, it’s because of an overload of information that may or may not be relevant to you. And with workplace burnout at ‘epidemic proportions’ that constant influx of irrelevant news could cost you a great employee. To keep employees excited and motivated about their work, a lot of organizations are looking past the typical "intranet" approach and looking to create more personalized news portals that are accessible on mobile. Employees can even personalize their company news by filtering content by location, team, and interests within the company. Some organizations are leaning even further into the mobile communication effort and creating internal podcasts that recap what's going on in the company. It's a great way to keep on-the-go employees updated on the latest news from HQ no matter where they are. As more remote workers join today’s workforce day after day, more agile and workable systems are needed to construct connected and motivated team communications. Companies have been able to find that solution in mobile and build on the engagement that’s being demanded by workers. Eager to know more about what you could do to have better internal communication systems? Watch this video from our team that brings to life a new mobile mindset.

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