A Call to Eliminate the Noise in Product Information

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Oct 10, 2016

Have you ever heard the phrase, "everything you need and more" associated with a product? Sure, it's catchy in a world that expects instantaneous results, but when it comes to accessing information about your products, we're not completely sold on the craze. Because sometimes in this Information Age, "everything you need and more" it's simply too much. It's time to eliminate the noise. We're daring to say that it's time for an era of "everything you need and nothing more". Professionally and personally, we all gravitate towards companies that make our lives easier. Harvard Business review found that reducing customers’ effort is what builds loyalty. Now take a step back from that, and think about your “customers” being any end user of your product or service. Your end users can range from your sales team trying to increase your revenue, to the prospect stopping by at a trade show, to the technician servicing your product, to the actual customer who just wants your product to work the way it should. Life is busy. We don’t have time to wade through a litany of information or sit on hold for 15 minutes just to get a simple answer to our question. What does this mean to you? It’s time to eliminate the noise. Provide your end users the specific information to their product without making them search for it. SEO stats show that over 85% of users won’t ever see the second page of results from an internet search. Why is this important to you? If your brand and reputation are important to you, you’ll want to have more control over the information your end user accesses. The information at the top of the internet search results may not be from your company. I’m sure you can recall a bad review or recall that’s gone viral recently, and generated much more bad press than it likely should have! From a cost standpoint, if you know that 20% of your support and service calls are focused on an easy topic that an end user could troubleshoot on their own, try creating a video or a quick troubleshooting doc focused on that issue. If you can free up 20% of your support/service team’s time, you could support more customers without adding an additional resource. Or you could decrease your wait time for your existing customer base. Twenty years ago, when we needed information, we picked up a manual, a book, or went to the library. Now when we need information, we pick up our digital device and follow the path of least resistance to obtain the relevant information we’re looking for. This begs the question as we look towards 2017 – how is your brand staying relevant? Eliminating the noise is the start to ensuring your product and brand stay relevant today…but that’s another story…

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